1. OzyBob

    Toyota 5VZ M/T ECU pin-out!

    Hi All, I am after some help with the electrics for my 1995 4runner with a 5VZ-FE Swap. I have put the engine in and now I have to wire it up. The engine has the original engine loom attached so I am trying to mate the engine loom with the body, repining it into my 5VZ M/T ECU. I have scoured...
  2. OzyBob

    Hi Everyone, Toyota 5VZ M/T ECU pinout!

    Hi Everyone, I love 4x4ing and previously owned a 2007 Jimny, lifted, locked and rock crawling. I want a bigger rig for longer trips with the fam, so I am now building a 95 4runner with a 3.4 5VZ engine from a 2000 Prado (95) but have run into trouble with the electrics and here to find some...