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  1. W

    June/July 4x4 Trip To O'Tools

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to see if anyone would be down to go on a weekend trip to O'Tools (east of Victoria) or any area around them for a weekend. Feel like after covid not many people have been getting their tyers and cars dirty enough. Would be an awesome weekend, amazing camping spot...
  2. L

    4x4 Earth Stickers

    Hey earth, When I cop my wagon in the next 6-12 months, would love to whack a 4x4 earth sticker up on the windscreen, but the shop link isn't working for me, anyone else having the same issue?
  3. Epic Drives WA

    New member Dan from Epic Drives Western Australia.

    G’day all, I’m a long time listener to the 4x4 Earth Podcast and really enjoy listening to James talk to various characters in the 4x4 community. I myself produce 4WD and outdoor adventure content on YouTube (Epic Drives Western Australia) and all the other major social media platforms. I...