4wd in sand

  1. S

    Advice - Robe to Beachport

    I'm looking for a bit of advice from those that have done this trip in the past. I'm planning on going on a 4-5 day trip with a group of people over Easter and have heard varying stories around the difficulty of this track. I've got a bog standard 2014 Colorado and normally have a RTT fitted on...
  2. S

    Planning long tour, unsure of what to buy.

    I’m planning to travel up through west aus and all around for quite a while. New to 4wd... not sure of what to buy (new, used, make) any tips would be greatly appreciated of what to look out for, or what to avoid. Looking to buy dual cab with ally canopy. Thanks
  3. Rowan2345

    Sand stuck in brakes pads

    Hi there I have a 2018 Ford Ranger XLT mk3 and I have taken it to Bribie island along the beach a couple times. Every time I come off the beach I get a loud sound coming from both the front brakes. It sounds like I have sand stuck in the pads. It goes away after about 10km of driving but it’s...
  4. Epic Drives WA

    Sand, Rocks & Reservoirs: Facebook 4x4 event

    This episode is what it says on the tin! We hit up sand, rocks and reservoirs in one action packed 4x4 day of Epic Drives Western Australian adventure! Kicking off the day south of #Mandurah, we aired down the tyres of our 4WD's and headed off towards one of only a few four wheel drive friendly...