33 inch tyre

  1. Mgeezax

    Ln167 what size tyres are legal/will fit

    Hey Guys, Been doing a bit of work to the old girl, putting in a 2inch tough dog lift tomorrow with a mate and was wondering if anyone has any experience on fitting 33s under them? Also what are the Vic Regs on this stuff? Is there a max tyre with a 2inch lift? I read somewhere here that you...
  2. C

    2003 Toyota Hilux Dual Cab - 33 inch tyres possible?

    Hi all, I have recently bought a 2003 Toyota Hilux 3.4L V6 VZN167R and it currently has 31x10.5r15 all-terrain tyres on it, however, I am looking to buy 33 inch tyres. I am not sure if the vehicle is lifted at all and I am wanting to know if a 2inch suspension lift will be enough to fit 33s and...
  3. H

    33'' tyres on 2008 hilux, will they fit?

    Hi guys, i am about to buy my first car, my old mans Toyota Hilux 2008 model in a dual cab. it has a 2 inch lift in it and has 31's on it currently but i want to put some 33's on it to have some better off road capabilities and a bit more lift in her. what i am wondering though is, will they fit...