2.8 diesel

  1. M

    Pajero mk3 4wd error code 33 and 41

    Hi guys! It’s a pleasure to discuss some stuff with u.. I own a mitshubishi montero year 2000 2.8 manual and I’m stacked with its 4wd failure.. It shows error codes 33 and 41 when I checked it manually. The previous owner said he replaced clutch plates and then the 4wd did not work and the 4wd...
  2. Bluepajee

    NJ Pajero 94' 2.8 4m40td

    Hello! Just gave up on a bronco restoration (got a working but dissasembled truck in dandenong VIC if you're keen for parts, performance research LPG 351c 5.8lt. bit of rust in fire wall, jams and pillars . So bought an NJ Pajero instead! Club plates was a must, engine is tired but 1 owner...
  3. Ln65mudrunner

    Ln65 3l glow plug problems

    Once I turn the key the glow plugs come on as normal but as they time out and turn off the glow plugs turn back on for a split second and then off again and They do this repeatedly till you turn off the ignition when trying to start. Any ideas?
  4. Rackers03

    Thoughts on a 1993 single cab Hilux

    G'day all, I've been looking around for cars for a while, and found a decent one. This one is a 1993 Hilux with the 2.8 non-turbo diesel (yes, I know they're slow and I won't turbo it) and 5-speed manual. It's got 318,000K's and i know these things are bulletproof so the K's don't matter too...