1. C

    Td42 or 1Hd-t @ 300,000kms

    Hey guys, first time poster so not sure if I’m posting in the right thread. I’m looking at changing up cars, I’m currently on a 14 BT50 and looking to change to a Patrol or 80 series. I’ve got two that I’ve got my eye on, both very clean cars but they are both on the low end of 300,000kms. The...
  2. Perth Pioneer

    1992 Sahara HDJ80 For Sale

    I'm selling my Sahara 80series. Many modifications and upgrades for tough touring and reliability. 140rwkw 1HDT engine, Gturbo, Safari intercooler, Moonlight stainless air filter housing, 3inch exhaust Wholesale Nomad valve body and 2 coolers Autocraft Slinky suspension and Dobinson MRR remote...