1. D

    Fridge/oven setup?

    Fairly new to 12v setups but just trying to get my head around some things; 1-Fridge wiring? Will probably be getting the bushman 85l upright, but wanting to know how to wire it in. Do I just come straight off the fuse block? And/or use anderson-if so what amp rating and cable gauge needed...
  2. yorke7

    Is leaving a circuit breaker open bad?

    So i'm not auto electrician but like many others i wanted a 2nd battery, 12v setup but couldn't afford an auto electricians services. I learnt, consulted a 12v expert and eventually built one myself. It's been in and working for over a year now with no problems at all, but with the cold weather...
  3. M

    VSR and MPPT combo vs DCDC charger

    Hi, I currently have a basic dual battery system. It is comprised of a VSR which separates my aux battery which is in a battery box in my Ute tray. I want to add a fixed solar panel to my roof of my canopy and am tossing up between two options. I don’t have a smart alternator. Option 1...
  4. G

    help with calculations for running a huge fridge

    hello, call me stupid but i just cant figure this out using online tools and info. essentially i want to run an 850 litre fridge from batteries, even if it only gives me 2 hours runtime (hoping from anywhere from 2-8 hours though). the fridge is 240v 400w (running, not startup, startup will...
  5. M

    Help! I Am Trying to Wire Up a Kings Battery Monitor

    My solar setup is designed for use independent of the vehicle, and the solar panel is the battery's only charging source - there is no battery charger in the circuit. Otherwise it's a 250W solar panel through a Kings solar controller (there's one on the panel too, but I am a sucker for a sales...
  6. Grizzly Bero

    12v dual battery setup advice

    Hi all, I've decided to go the route of a portable battery box dual battery setup for my Pajero Sport (as keen to transfer from vehicle to vehicle), so am going to buy the following: Battery box (probably Hard Korr) DC to DC charger (itec) 120ah battery (?) 120w solar blanket (Kings) I...
  7. B

    Dual battery tripping CB

    I’m running a dual battery setup with my aux battery (120ah agm) behind the back seat in the cabin. 6b&s cable from the starter battery to a projecta idc25 which is positioned next to the aux battery, earthed on the bolt that secures the seat (I’ve removed the back seats for extra room and am...
  8. S

    12v fridges

    G’day, I’m in the market for a 12v ideally 60L fridge to take camping. I’m aware that Engel has the best name and reputation out there but wanted to know if I could save some money going else where. I’ve heard the kings fridges aren’t too bad for the low price tag, what else is pretty good but...
  9. D

    Dual battery, but No 12v power when car is parked.

    I recently bought a Ford Ranger from Ford. I added the dual battery kit as a factory fitted extra to power a fridge whilst I’m away camping. I’d never had one before and hadn’t done any research. anyway, they kitted me out with a tray in the tub and Redarc bcdc1220 charger (I wish I’d...
  10. Lewy_88

    Cheap DIY 12v setup in Colorado 7

    After I put in the false floor and drawer, power was next! I wanted the battery to be removable, and didn't want to go through the hassle and expense of putting it in the engine bay. So here is what I did.