100 series

  1. M

    100 Series 2" Lift Kit recommendations?

    Hi All, I put my old 105 in its side recently during a 4x4 trip in QLD. RIP due to insurance. I have a new (to me) rig now, a 100 series, and I'm beginning to modify it, so I'm looking into a lift kit, just a 2" (50mm) one at the moment. My old rig had an EFS kit on it with various Superior...
  2. denmonkey

    Bylong 4x4 park weekend

    Hey all, the weekend away to Bylong finally arrived and we're all back home without any major damage to anyone vehicles. My mates triton now has a loose rear bumper but other than that, all is good. A few of us spent 4 days up there with 6 cars and a side by side making the trip and...