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  1. itlldoo

    Brisbane 4x4 outdoors Show

    "wow" Hoyks your misses has some pull, glad you gave her the money and let the city get back to normal lol.
  2. itlldoo

    What music do you listen to?

  3. itlldoo


    do a search on diff locks and view down the rabbit hole, plenty of data to analyse there !
  4. itlldoo


    put slightly bigger M/T tires on it, a bit of a lift and a locker in the rear diff, it will go most places with ease ! knowing the car is better than not ! welcome to 4x4earth mate !
  5. itlldoo

    2h 19985 75 land cruiser headlight earth location

    but its from 19985 !!! who would have thought the 2h in a 75 is still being built in 10.000 years that's gotta be worth its own
  6. itlldoo

    Interesting Utube vids - just for entertainment, of course!

    not just america, here is a home grown
  7. itlldoo

    Need more light.

    lift your foot to see better mpg :cool:
  8. itlldoo

    Recovery points

    all very gentle tests with straight line pulls , no shock load tests with angles ie: real world stuff, just looks like "fluff" for a sales pitch.
  9. itlldoo

    Fuel control Relay for HJ60/75 Landcrusier

    dont know if he will still want it mate that was back in 2012 :cool:
  10. itlldoo

    Newbie from Sydney and newbie to 4x4 :)

    a bit of fun for the tin lids dont forget a torch.
  11. itlldoo

    Newbie from Sydney and newbie to 4x4 :)

    for a nice day out mate. easy drive. welcome to earth.
  12. itlldoo

    Landcruiser 300 Series

  13. itlldoo

    What is your favourite 4x4 Show?

    here you go i can see a shity tour on one side & sharkcaver on the other mate !
  14. itlldoo

    That old chesnut again, lead acid or Li?

    on each trip for the next how ever many trips you do ! sacrilege !!!!!! wash your mouth out sir. !
  15. itlldoo

    Companion Rover Li 70 Power Station

    standard BS for the use of cheap components to sell more
  16. itlldoo

    Restore a Patrol or Overpay for one.

    BUT ! with all that and its exactly what i wanted ! it is still old tech even thou i have replaced a lot with new parts i don't have all the new gizmos like a taco. interior clock. abs, airbags, cruise control so if your going down this route get a model with the safety gear and gizmos you are...