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  1. peterabbf

    Madigan Line 2018

    Now looking like into 2018. looking for expressions of interest in doing the Madigan Line in 2018, maybe over the June long weekend the same as this year, but open to suggestions this will take around 9 to 10 days, depends on which way we go, west to east or east to west, the second way would...
  2. peterabbf

    Madigan Line 2016. June 10th to the 17th

    Our goal for this trip was to travel the Madigan Line from Camp 1 to camp 22, camps 3,4,5,23,24 were out of bounds, but we did find camp 5 as its on the Colson track and there’s been quite a lot of traffic to this camp. We had three groups leaving Adelaide/Gold Coast to meet at Old Andado in...
  3. peterabbf

    4WD Camping Mags

    Hi, I'm looking to off load my 4WD Camping Mags from 4WD Action, I have 44 copies, some have never been opened. $50.00 for the lot. pick up Adelaide, ship at your cost..
  4. peterabbf

    Hi from us

    hi there fellow 4x4's, we have just returned from a six week trip to Cape York, had a ball, 11500km's in six week, no real prob's, but any way HI from us..