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  1. MUX STX

    Still around.....just too busy

    Probably not a lot interested, but I am still visiting the earth base on rare occasions. Very busy with the new coffee lounge which is growing at a steady rate. I still enjoy catching up with the interesting posts that pop up from time to time. Cheers Glenn
  2. MUX STX

    A new venture.......Yarraman Qld

    I have some news for you all: After retiring 14 months ago and doing lots of traveling we have decided to drop anchor and buy a coffee lounge in Yarraman, 20 mins down the road from our house. We take over on the 24th April and close for the first week to strip the place out and basically...
  3. MUX STX

    Pesky annoying telemarketers copped my wrath.

    One that has been doing the rounds a lot lately is a call from Microsoft stating that you have a problem with your windows program, it IS a scam to access your bank details. I was well aware of the scam long before they rang 4 times in a week, my wife took the calls and told them...
  4. MUX STX

    Camper trailer for sale (new pics)

    I have my RTT camper trailer for sale, we now have a van and do not need the camper anymore. This camper is built on a heavy duty high sided QBL braked trailer, rated at 1.5 tonne. We only used it for 5 weeks early last year (caravan parks only) and found the whole setup worked really well. On a...
  5. MUX STX

    Where are you???

    I was heading home a few minutes ago and I accidentally ran over a red bellied black in the middle of the road, twice, second time he was not happy to see me, can't imagine why. Not easy when the abs kicks in, and I simply rolled over the thing. I say accidentally because the greenies may be...
  6. MUX STX

    Off in the morn.

    We are heading from the farm down to Glen Innes for o/n then Tammworth o/n and then onto Port Macquarie for 4 nights. Why Port Macquarie? cause we are heading to Billibong zoo to hand feed Meeracats, that's why. We then head to Scotts Head for 4 nights and then beautiful Corindi Beach for 7...
  7. MUX STX

    Mux supplied jack useless

    I recently had a stone pierce a front tyre of the Mux while using the Isuzu supplied jack under the factory suggested lift points I could not raise the vehicle high enough to refit the inflated tyre. I had to call RACQ to do the rest of the job for me, what a useless piece of crap that is...
  8. MUX STX

    Sealing under your camper trailer

    We are thinking of heading up to Fraser Island later in the year and thought sealing all the gaps and joins would be a good idea, this trailer is fairly new and has never been on the beach. Firstly I hosed under the trailer and made sure I reached into all the hard to get at places, I did this...
  9. MUX STX

    To DC/DC charger or not.

    This question may have already been asked so if so forgive me. As some of you know I have a camper trailer that I put together and am quite happy with it, we just came back from a nearly 6 week trip up and down the east coast. I charge the battery in the CT using park power or solar panels, no...
  10. MUX STX

    Hitting the blacktop

    As some of you know we pulled the pin on work last week and have built up a camper trailer to explore this big brown land. Thursday we leave for our first trip, nothing too stressed, we don't need the pressure anymore, all our trip will be in unpowered sites at van parks and campgrounds, no...
  11. MUX STX

    Distance calculator

    Thought this may be helpful for anyone heading to the great unknown.
  12. MUX STX

    Redarc tow pro

    I had a redarc tow pro fitted this morning and want to know if it is the norm for the redarc name on the dial should be level or on an angle? Auto elec says the name is on an angle as per pics in the installation manual. Also if I want the name to be horizontal can I move the dial with no...
  13. MUX STX

    Trail Camera

    I have recently purchased a 12 mp trail camera because of some vandalism at our farm while we are in Brisbane. The camera states that the trigger distance is 25 meters which would suit me just fine. The trigger distance during daylight hours is close to the stated trigger distance of 25 meters...
  14. MUX STX

    Repco sale

    30% off at Repco this weekend, you must present your RACQ/NRMA card. I am off to do some shopping.........................
  15. MUX STX

    Thoughts on this

    I need a inverter to charge my laptop while out and about. Will this one do the trick? Is the outlet suitable for our plug tops?
  16. MUX STX

    Anderson extension lead ?

    I have just received my 6 meter anderson lead extension, I am going to use it to run my 12v fridge while stationary from the camper battery. The lead is 6mm twin core 50 amp wire and of course 6m long with one anderson plug on the ends. I paid $35 on fleabay, good price I thought. My question...
  17. MUX STX

    Primus fridge?

    Any comments or suggestions on a purchase of a new primus mammoth fridge/freezer. I can pick up a 45L for $830.
  18. MUX STX

    Annaconda weekend sale

    I can't find the right thread for special deals
  19. MUX STX

    Keep an eye out!
  20. MUX STX

    New camper trailer pics SUCCESS!!

    New camper trailer pics........................I hope