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  1. Lewy_88

    Tom Groggin to Mt Gibbo to Mt Pinnibar over 3 days

    We did a loop out of Tom Groggin over three days that took in some incredible camps, fun drives and some spectacular views. The videos below show it best but here is a bit of a write up as well. We had five cars, two 79 series Landcruisers, a 100 series, a GU patrol and RG Colorado wagon. We...
  2. Lewy_88

    2016 RG Colorado 7 Modification Walkthrough

    I recently made a walk through video of my 2016 Colorado 7. We bought it from a dealer with 8,000kms on it and have slowly been modifying it. Mod list is below and majority of these are shown in the video. - Harrop eLocker in the rear - 2 Inch lift, I have changed the rear shocks since the...
  3. Lewy_88

    South Coast NSW - Currowan Forest

    Our group of five cars and a camper trailer left Canberra on Friday arvo and headed down the Kings Hwy towards the South Coast. I won’t give away exact locations but in general, camp for Friday night was in a clearing down a dead end track in Currowan Forest not far off the Kings Highway. The...
  4. Lewy_88

    Blue Water Holes, Long Plain and Talbingo area

    We went on this weekend trip a while back, but its a route and area worth checking out. If you get decent weather, its a beautiful part of the world. We left Canberra after work on Friday and headed towards Barnetts Road, but had to stop for a quick drive on the Brindies powerline track. We...
  5. Lewy_88

    Walkthrough - N80 setup for Touring

    We did a walkthrough video last week. Dave has slowly added mods to his N80 to the point where he is ALMOST (who is he kidding) finished with it. It suits his touring needs nicely. He was also nice enough to share roughly how much the mods have cost him.
  6. Lewy_88

    Lithgow trip with 13 4wds!

    This trip we led 13 cars from Canberra up to Lithgow. The plan was to hit most of the hard tracks and have some fun on the flex tracks as well. We ended up doing Ali Baba's Cave, Pipeline, Moon Rock and Ranger Bobs. Not all cars tackled every track, but the bigger rigs certainly did. We had a...
  7. Lewy_88

    Monkey Gum Firetrail

    First attempt at Monkey Gum and it lived up to the hype. We had a convoy of six cars, all but two had driven it before. We set out from camp Sunday morning heading from Wombat Flats area up to the top. We were expecting to be up at the lookout roughly lunch time, but the traffic on the trail...
  8. Lewy_88

    Yalwal Weekend Trip - Part 2 Saturday Arvo

    After lunch we drove up and out of Mintbush Trail onto the powerline track. The intersection of Mintbush and Dean's Gap Rd was chockers. Lots of cars looking to get down to wombat flats. The powerlines are an awesome trail that has all kinds of obstacles. We drove north along it and found...
  9. Lewy_88

    Yalwal Weekend Trip - Part 1 - Friday to Saturday Lunch

    Finally got the chance to head down to Yalwal to experience for ourselves. Had heard so many times how crazy and gnarly this place is and I was never game enough to head down there until I had a rear locker installed in the Colorado. We left Canberra after work and stopped off at Tarago Pub...
  10. Lewy_88

    Ben Bullen to Lithgow

    The last part of this series. This vid starts on Sunday morning at camp near Baal Bone Gap. It absolutely poured Saturday night and we woke up to a drenched camp and some muddy tracks. We were lucky that the rain cleared as we were packing up but it left low hanging cloud and fog which made for...
  11. Lewy_88

    Mt Walker to Baal Bone Gap

    The second part of our trip. After lunch on Saturday we went to Mt Walker. That is one gnarly climb, its full of loose rock and some massive rock steps. Stu was the only one to drive it in the jeep and it made for some great footage. The drone shots from the top are epic. Moving on from Mt...
  12. Lewy_88

    Coxs River and Firetruck Hill

    We recently took four cars to camp up above the Coxs River just off Old Western Rd. What an amazing area for 4wd and camling. I feel like there is so much to explore just in that little part of the world. We arrived Friday night to find a fair few groups in the area but there are loads of places...
  13. Lewy_88

    Breather Extension Kit Installation

    I bought this 5 port breather kit from eBay for $65 and installed it on an RG Colorado wagon. The factory breathers are all fairly easy to find and locations are shown in the video. The gearbox and transfer case breathers are really hard to get to and detaching them from their mount was probably...
  14. Lewy_88

    Installing Harrop eLocker wiring

    I recently bought an eLocker online and got a local diff specialist to install it for me. To save a few bucks I did the wiring myself. It all worked out pretty well. Had to cut the hole for the switch but otherwise it was pretty straight forward. Here is the video:
  15. Lewy_88

    Tumut to Broken Cart Trail

    The second part of our trip we left Tumut and did some exploring on the northern side of Brindabella Rd (Tumut end). We went to the top of a couple of the bigger hills in the area and saw some good views back towards the Brindabella mountains. The colorado got a flat with some blue metal in...
  16. Lewy_88

    Blowering Dam and Tumut

    We recently went to explore the tracks behind Tumut (before the travel ban obviously). Its worth checking the area out, even while there are many forest closures since the fires. The camping is amazing at Blowering Dam. 100% recommend it. There is a heap of space and absolute water front...
  17. Lewy_88

    Deua NP to Wadbilliga

    This is the 3rd and final part of our trip. We finally found somewhere to camp since we ran WAY behind schedule. Cooked a Mars Bar Damper in the camp oven for dessert. Sunday was a really nice day and made for some very scenic footage. Unfortunately we found out that the best trail of the day...
  18. Lewy_88

    Deua NP - Oulla Creek Ft to Hanging Rock Lookout

    Oulla Creek Firetrail is a great alternative to driving the full length of Merricumbene Firetrail. Driving in the easterly direction is fun with a long loose climb being the most difficult. There is a nice creek at the end of the trail which would be a good spot to stop for lunch. From there you...
  19. Lewy_88

    Merricumbene FT, Dry Creek Campground and Oulla Creek FT - Deua NP

    We went back to the old faithful Merricumbene FT and managed to do a lot of filming on the main steep section at the very beginning. We took a different route once up on the ridge and turned down Oulla Creek Firetrail.
  20. Lewy_88

    Bullbar installation video - Uneek 4x4 Single Hoop

    We installed this bar over a couple of days. The instructions weren't great but we made it work. In the video I tried to address some of the points that were lacking in the instructions.