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  1. mills63

    GVM talk

    Ok with a new set of 33" 285x16 tryes and rear bar, frong bull bar,rock sliders, fridge, draws, 45l water ............. is adding up to 3050kg with only me in the car. So my plate on the car states GVM 3030 but Nissan doc states 3060kg so either way getting close. It will deffenetly be over on...
  2. mills63

    Grinding gears 2009 gu manual

    Ok Guys. I have noticed the gears grinding in my 2009 GU 3.0 manual. It is not real bad but it is in all gears. I can slow the revs down and it changes better. It seems to get better when it warms up. My thoughts I changed the oil it was due any way 120,000 and added some Nulon G70 in the...
  3. mills63

    Water tank tap

    Hi Guys I have a tank / bladder and a pump but still working on the delivery method. I currently have a Bunning's garden tape on the end of the hose. Looking to put this tap on the barn door trim like this The question is what do people think I should do were the door hinge is? I am worried...
  4. mills63

    Apparently the Y61 is being killed off next year in Australia :(:mad::confused::oops:
  5. mills63

    Scan Gauge 2009 CRD

    Ok guys what scan gauge are people using and were are you mounting them. Pic's please. Thanks Steve
  6. mills63

    Led Light Bar on a Pioneer RhinoRack

    Hi Guys Just go a LED light bar for my Bday. 42 inch CREE LED LIGHT BAR 240 WATT Looking to mount it on my Rhino Pioneer Roof Rack at the front probably right in front of the Rhino logo. Just wondered if any one has a pic of this and if I need brackets back to the rack Pioneer Spot...
  7. mills63

    Reversing / Work lights

    Ok here is the plan. I would like to use my work lights as my reversing lights. So from the front a 3 way switch 1) reversing 2) off 3)on all the time Here's the tricky bit "well for me any way" I would also like to turn the work lights on from the rear of the Troll so I think I need...
  8. mills63

    SA - Patrol GU 2004 front bumper

    Item Detail - Patrol GU 2004 front bumper [Condition - Ok got a few surface scratches Price - $150 Location - Gulfview Hieghts Contact Details - Steve 0419805633 Pictures -
  9. mills63

    SA - Patrol GU 2009 side steps

    SA - Patrol GU 2009 side steps SOLD Item - Patrol GU 2009 Side Steps Condition - Ok condition some damage to driverside Price - $50 Location - Gulfview Heights Contact Details - Steve Pictures - SOLD
  10. mills63

    SA - Patrol GU 2004

    SA - Patrol GU 2004 leather dickie seats Item Detail - leather dickie seats Condition - Excellent Price - $250 Location - Gulfview Hieghts Contact Details - Steve 0419805633 Pictures -
  11. mills63

    Patrol 2009 GU new shockers

    Ok guys looking to replace my shockers. Got some weight in the back, draws, fridge, rockslides looking at rear bar twin carrier latter on. Patrol 2009 GU 2" lift On the list so far Iron Man Foam Cell pro's 45091FE front 45094FE rear Foam Cell Pro Shock Absorbers - Ironman 4x4 I...
  12. mills63

    What steering damper

    Hi Guys Need to replace my steering damper. I thing with a return to center unit. I have a Gu 2009 CRD 3.0l I currently am using Ironman shocks but dont seem to be able to find a centering streering damper from them. Any suggetion on brand etc. Thanks Steve
  13. mills63

    Charging Batterys

    Ok guys my truck is my daily drive but I only do 6km to work and back. So a little concerned that I am not charging my main or auxiliary battery's enough. Just got a gauge on them and the redarc dual battery system is charging both at approx. 14v Can I put a charger on them with out...
  14. mills63

    2009 CRD surging

    not sure if this is related but since getting 3" redback exhaust on my 2009 manual CRD 3.0 ST it feels like it is surging. It seems to be more obvious up a hills under load or the first part of pulling away in 2nd gear around a corner. Any suggestions what this might be. :) Thanks Steve
  15. mills63


    Hi Guys Been looking into lockers. At this stage pretty sure it is an e-locker for me. They sound less complex and more reliable with what I read so far. Yeah more expressive of course. Ok I think it is a Eaton Harrop E-Locker is the front runner. How the questions Any other bans come...
  16. mills63

    2009 CRD manual

    Hi Guys 2009 manual 3.0 ST 33" tryes Wondered if it is worth getting a dyno tune over a standard tune. And if so were has any one have any recommendations in SA northern side of town. Thanks Steve
  17. mills63

    SA - Nissan Patrol 2004 TI GU Y61

    SA - Nissan Patrol 2004 TI GU 4.8 petrol Nissan Patrol TI 2004 GU Year - 2004 Tag/Body/Chassis Numbers - TI GU Y61 / Wagon / (Legal Requirement) Engine Number - (Legal Requirement) Kilometres - 150,000 Condition - Good Price - $20,000 Neg Location -Gulfview Heights SA...
  18. mills63

    Patrol GU 2009 no power

    Hi Guys Monday 18th I put the Patrol in for a recall to do with the accelerator mechanism. Has run fine until this Tuesday. " don't think it has any thing to do with this but just some back ground" Last Sat I put on a catch can and all seemed good Sat Sun and Mon. Tuesday thought the...
  19. mills63

    Stainless Steel Tank SA

    Hi Looking to fit a SS tank to my GU Patrol between the rear seats and the draw system. Just wondered if any one knows of a SS Tank manufacturer in SA north side of town if possible. Some thing like this but I have less room. gu water tank - Patrol 4x4 - Nissan Patrol Forum
  20. mills63

    Southern Flinder end Oct

    Hi Guys Looking to go to the Flinders for about 10 days at the end of Oct. Thought we would go to Warren Gorge the first night and have a look around there the next day and move on to Willow Springs after that. Do the Skytrek and spend a couple of days looking around there. Then off to...