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  1. knot_gillty

    R u ok?

    Great to hear Bill.
  2. knot_gillty

    R u ok?

    R U OK? Me, turned 40 last year and since then things have gone downhill. Not saying turning 40 was the bad part but since it’s happened the job scene (which has been excellent for the last 9 years in full time employment) is coming to an end. We haven’t lost our jobs yet and we think the...
  3. knot_gillty

    R u ok?

    Been a while since I’ve checked in here and to read this was both dreadful and good news. So glad to hear Olga is ok Bill.
  4. knot_gillty

    My D-Max 2014

    With a shade over 4 years and 120k k’s on it I’m still loving the D-Max. Ive now got a Piranha dual battery system, winch, driving lights, electric brake, uhf and a few other mods on it. Pros: Pulls my 22’ 6”, 2.8t caravan no worries at all. Pulls the inlaws 3.2t boat no drama. Hills it slows...
  5. knot_gillty

    10th Annual Victorian Gathering - O'Tooles Flat - 2017

    Maybe, just maybe I might come along this year. Been too long between drinks with you lot!! We'll see. In the middle of a shutdown but I'll see how I go...
  6. knot_gillty

    Sheepyard Flat – 9th Annual Victorian Gathering

    Not sure yet Rob. If it were the weekend before I'd be heading up on the Wednesday. But its not so maybe Friday. I'll try keep you posted.
  7. knot_gillty

    Sheepyard Flat – 9th Annual Victorian Gathering

    Tentative for us but looking likely! Question. I've seen that caravans can get in there but will a 22' offroad (read tall as buggery) van get in? And one to Grumpy. You taking yours in and how big is that?? Cheers
  8. knot_gillty

    Terry Towelling Hats

    Yeah I jumped on here to look at some Dmax threads. Then I thought I'd check in on you all... Haha.
  9. knot_gillty

    Safe Schools

    Bloody phone buttons cut me short.. Haha. Was going on to say "sly ginge" on me because I have a red beard. Big deal. Constant "discrimination" and "bullying"! I'm not seeing any seminars or the like to curb that. As I said, it seems acceptable. If they do it on tv you can do it at school...
  10. knot_gillty

    Safe Schools

    Bullying has been happening since man could speak. When it's socially acceptable to bully one group but not another it's a bloody huge problem! As has been said, gays are bullied, obese people are, indigenous are. They all complain about it too so it tends to drop away a little. What's been...
  11. knot_gillty

    Terry Towelling Hats

    I used to wear one all the time fishing. Great hat! Been looking for another but can't seem to find them locally. Yep, I'd wear one!
  12. knot_gillty

    FREE Australian Flag

    I'm in no way a monarchist by any means, I think they've done and will continue to do bugger all for Australia. BUT I say our flag should stay the way it is! Australia has ONLY 1, not 2, flags and to see it changed would be a great shame. The aboriginals have their flag, it's not however the...
  13. knot_gillty

    question for the real bushmen

    Also remember that the warmest side of a hill is the northern face.
  14. knot_gillty

    D-max roof rack

    Thanks for the input guys. Smoush, sorry to hear about that mate. No good to hear that something promised doesn't deliver. Cheers Thug, looks good. That's a similar sort of rack to what I'm chasing. I've got a custom tray with a big box on the front of it and want a rack on the too and have them...
  15. knot_gillty

    Off Road Trailer.

    What boat you got sitting on it?
  16. knot_gillty

    D-max roof rack

    G'day all, has anyone fitted a roof rack to the cab of their dual cab D-max? If so, which brand and could you post a pic please. Cheers, Gilly
  17. knot_gillty

    My Dmax 2014 LST

    Looks good mate. Write up a list of mods done and mods to come.
  18. knot_gillty

    Isuzu owners trip

    G'day fellow Isuzu owners. Just wondering if anyone would like to participate in an all Isuzu day trip in Victoria at all? I'd be keen to catch up with other owners for a look at the different mods and stuff we've all done to both the D-Max and MU-X. I'm open for suggestions on places, times...
  19. knot_gillty

    Xmas in July

    Leave it with me mate. At this stage i'll be coming with the missus. Let's hope I can get the old girl to baby sit for us...