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  1. itlldoo

    which Prado ?

    daughter is looking to buy one, which model between years 2000-2011 ? spend, about 18 grand-ish unleaded or diesel ? i thought diesel but how is the unleaded ? auto or manual ? daughter doesn't mind just searching for pros and con's
  2. itlldoo


    i work for a fuel large company and was informed to fill any unleaded vehicle i own this arvo due to a rather large price rise due. so do it today 14/6
  3. itlldoo

    RIP COL, Mt Airly legend

  4. itlldoo

    Newnes this summer !

    in the local paper today !
  5. itlldoo

    new NSW police car.

  6. itlldoo

    speedo cable bounce

    speedo cable is bouncing and noisy, some say it can be regreased others say replace, anyone regreased ?
  7. itlldoo

    troopy review

    what you guys think, lotta coin
  8. itlldoo

    glass replacment

    broke my driver side rear door window today. bugger ! have spare glass but no idea how ? never done it before. I'm thinking remove bailey channels ? should just fit in and slide down to the metal riser ? what do you guys think?
  9. itlldoo

    Eaton lockers or safari turbo

    G/day; tax check drama, what to get? i have 80 series with a 1hz so do i choose traction or boost, such dramas i know!
  10. itlldoo

    g/day all

    :D i wanna do zigzag too. please:D