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  1. TroopiePete

    TB42e Runs ok on LPG but poor on Petrol

    Hi After some ideas on where to look next.. Purchased this car a year or so back - runs ok on LPG but hardly even idles on Petrol, I can get it to run but usually ends up stalling and will not idle at the correct rpm and very rough! The Gas install is a Ventury style - not injected. I have...
  2. TroopiePete

    78 Series rear Diff - but any other models had this issue?

    Hi I recently had my rear Diff explode while just driving around town, actually on the way to work! Problem is I less than a month away from starting an 11,000km 7 week CSR trip so I am both pleased it happened now but pissed off it happened at all. As I am not familiar with Diff's I thought it...
  3. TroopiePete

    Brisbane to Canning Stock Route - 1st June 2019

    Hi A Small group from the Brisbane area are heading to do the CSR This will be a 7 week trip finishing at the Big Red Bash - Birdsville If you were planning on being out that way let us know For more info check out our clubs forum..
  4. TroopiePete

    CSR - Track condition update please

    Hi Planning a CSR Trip for June 2019 and interested in hot spots, places not to visit, basically anything. I am told a section is currently closed due to flooding so other then letting us know it's open don't need much on that. How many cars no idea and actual dates to be locked in later.
  5. TroopiePete

    Chasing the Acelerator cable wheel..

    Hi I currently have a 1994 GQ TB4.2L Petrol/Gas Patrol and I am looking at installing a Cruise Control unit I have to it. There seems to be a second cable clamp point but no clear spot to hook the cable to the Accelerator Wheel on the Butterfly arm.. My guess is that models factory fitted with...
  6. TroopiePete

    Simpson Desert + 3 Corners - 8th July - track report

    Hi Currently we finalising our plans for a 2 week Simpson Desert and 3 Corners trip that also covers a visit to the Dig tree possibly on the 2nd or 3rd day depending on how we travel - given that the Adventure way should be all bitumen by now? Anyway what I was after is a current track report on...
  7. TroopiePete

    Simpson Desert + 3 Corners

    Hi I am currently planning a Trip that covers the 3 Corners of QLD, The Dig Tree and the Simpson Desert Rig Road - taking a little over two weeks! Would love more time and may extend it one week but some of us need to work! Looking at what else we can see and visit I noticed an alternate track...
  8. TroopiePete

    Alternate wheel bearing seals for Toyota 70/100 series

    Alternate wheel bearing seals - has anyone got numbers for me? What I am looking for is a better front/rear wheel bearing seal for the Toyota 70 and 100 series vehicles. Why - the existing seals no matter if they are genuine or after market are basically not enough - hence why they tell you...
  9. TroopiePete

    ARB Compressor problems

    Hi ARB CKMP12 Compressors - have you had an issue with them or am I the only one? Recently on a return trip from Fraser island my 2009 installed Compressor failed after faithfully pumping up all my tyres as it has done since it was installed in October 2009 - ok you would rightly say it's been a...
  10. TroopiePete

    13th - 18th November Fraser Trip

    Hi Just putting it out there that I will be on Fraser between the 13th and 18th of November.. That is unless I get a better offer :p If you too are going to be on the island and see my Troopy on the tracks make sure you say Hi.. This is what is currently looks like - Current plan...
  11. TroopiePete

    urgent call for assistance

    Hi I am urgently looking for people to help run checkpoints for a Horse Endurance ride this Weekend 1st & 2nd March at Maryvale QLD. We did have people organised to help but they have puled out leaving us several people short! My preference is for Ham Radio operators as it is a hilly area...
  12. TroopiePete

    Australia Day 2014 - Cooloola beach

    Hi Just in the final planning stages for a club camping trip for the Cooloola (Teewah) Beach.. My Current plan is to head to the beach sometime on Wednesday the 22nd to depart on the following Tuesday. Some of the club will be possibly joining me for this time or simply the weekend. I am...
  13. TroopiePete

    2014 July 14th to the 10th August Cape York - Planning stage

    Hi Our Club is currently planning a Cape York trip and while I know there is plenty of information out there I would not mind a bit of constructive information from people on this forum. The Sort of information I am after are experiences relating to Camping, Free Camping, Best places to...
  14. TroopiePete

    Stolen Camper - not mine!

    Hi A member of a forum I am on has asked this to be circulated, as this forum covers a wide area of Australia I thought it worth doing. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My sister...
  15. TroopiePete

    Peter & ED on Fraser July 2013

    Hi I have just returned from 6 days 5 nights on Fraser Island camping with a mate Ed from Tweed Heads. Both of us are set up for camping in our cars so we set out to explore a few spots up the north end of Fraser, the first two nights we camped at the Cape just off the beach with pristine...
  16. TroopiePete

    Weekly Rum Fridays - All welcome

    Hi Rum Friday is not just about drinking, although that happens :lol: When - Each Friday anytime after 5pm until late where - Voodoo Car detailing - at the end of Dexter Street Moorooka - just look for all the cars being cleaned.. Voodoo aka Stewart has a workshop full of useful...
  17. TroopiePete

    Walkers Crossing SA - recent experiences

    Hi We are getting ready to head west this Friday - getting excited!! I am one of many keen 4WD Action Readers who are meeting up in Birdsville for Easter, Not sure on the actual numbers but it's looking to be over 1000, possibly 2000 people if all the cars have two or more in them...
  18. TroopiePete

    Meet Feral Dave at Janowen Hills 16-17 Feb

    Janowen Hills is a very diverse 4wd park with many different tracks and excellent camping facilities. http://janowenhills4wdpark.bigpondhosti ... boutus.htm Why not come out for a fun weekend at Janowen Hills, meet our members and mingle with our guests. To help us enjoy the weekend I...
  19. TroopiePete

    Corner Country trip ideas appreciated

    Hi Our club (The River City 4WD Club of Brisbane) is currently planning a trip to Cameron's corner, then up through to Birdsville, possible trip into the Simpson Desert for an overnight stay or trip out to Poeppel Corner (depends on time and people), then drop in to Haddon corner on the way...
  20. TroopiePete

    STATE QLD - Caravan pop top camper

    Hi My Sister is looking at selling there pop top Caravan/Camper. My Father "Merv" is looking after the sale, please give him a call if you are interested. Description: 1984 Campervan – pop top - with fully enclosed 2.4 x 4.8 metre annex. 2 double beds. Kitchen with 2 way refrigerator...