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  1. billolga

    NSW Crew to Vic 2018 Report

    I just got home this morning totally buggered after a fantastic trip down to the Vic Annual gathering. Wang is still away down the South Coast of NSW & asked me to kick of a Report. (Thank you Wang for leading, you did a great job mate) We planned to meet at Willis down the Barry way where Todd...
  2. billolga

    Easy Takata Airbag Recall Check

    Here is the link to the Easy check if your vehicle is affected by the Takata Airbag Recall. Just enter your Number plate & the State.
  3. billolga

    NSW Green Slip Refund - 3rd party Insurance

    For those with NSW vehicles you can claim a refund up to the 30th September on your Green Slip 3rd Party Insurance for 2017. I received $119.54 back into my bank account. (Depends on when you renewed your Rego) (You can...
  4. billolga

    Butane Cooker Ignitor Repair

    This may be in the Instructions, but who reads them?:cool: There is a Spare Ignitor Tip on the end of the Ignitor. Simply undo the small Screw & remover the Ignitor Tip. Clean up the old Tip & replace with the new one on top. You may have to bend the new tip a little to get a reliable light...
  5. billolga

    Stories From Dargo, Victoria (1989) - Old Timers

    I just found this on YouTube about some old timers around Dargo. Can anyone like @BUSHNUT or @fuzzychops shed some light on them?
  6. billolga

    Old Photo's of well known places

    I will kick it of with a couple of then & now's. The Pinnacles - 2002 (Sorry about the old Fart in the front) The Pinnacles - 2012
  7. billolga

    18th, 19th and 20th September. Sydney-O'Connell-Burraga

    What a great relaxing weekend - Thanks @Gavo for kicking it off & @Toddyh for leading the trip & I will leave it to you to fill in the details. We were all happy to just be out there with friends & didn't care how difficult the driving would be. We all met at the O'Connell Pub to camp for the...
  8. billolga

    Yobboford Farewell - Yalwal

    What a great weekend with great Mates. For me a big thanks to Bugsy for the ride while my Wagon is off getting a new heart. We were all half expecting to get a wet Ass but the weather turned out perfect with the first camp & meeting point at Yalwal (In from Nowra for those that don't know)...
  9. billolga

    FIRST AID - Australian Bites & Stings

    I just heard this one on the radio "Australian Bites & Stings" - It's an App available for IPad's & Android from the Stores.
  10. billolga

    Wandering to WA 2013

    This thread is not really a trip report but a progress report. Were on our annual trip for the year & this year were wandering to WA with the only real destination for shore is Kalgoorlie for a sneak visit to Olga's Brother. Right now were on a rest day at Birdsville after spending a few...
  11. billolga

    Have you BASHED your Fire Extinguisher Lately?

    Powder Fire Extinguishers can over a period of time have the powder pack down & if you need to use them only the gas comes out. In Augathella a few years ago I saw a Fire Extinguisher Rep. doing the rounds of a Motel checking the Tags on the Extinguishers and TURNING THEM UPSIDE DOWN &...
  12. billolga

    Who needs Snow Chains?

    My Canadian mate sent me this link - Who needs Snow Chains if you have these? Where you store them on board when your not using them is another question. XwpKjEa4LYY
  13. billolga

    Having a BAD DAY!

    In SINGLETON NSW last Thursday 10th Feburay there was a car accident (Just down the road from Olga's Sister) - no one "Injured", however of the four in one car there was also 25 ltrs OF PAINT!!!!! - check the results! How would you get the paint out of your - ?????? (How would you describe...
  14. billolga

    Articulation - WOW

    Check this beast out for articulation...
  15. billolga

    GU PATROL Road Train

    Between 80 Mile Beach & Broome this year I had to help out a ROAD TRAIN. I took his trailers up to Broome - No problem TOWING with the Patrol & No problem parallel parking, BUT, ANGLE PARKING was a BUMMER! - All the other drivers complained! :D
  16. billolga

    You have a TOUGH Trailer Huh

    So you have a tough rig & Trailer Huh? - Try the Tanami this year. THREE wrecked Vehicles & TWO Trailers - One brand new. Picasa Web Albums - billolgaau - 21 BUNGLES - ...
  17. billolga


    We all know about the STAR RATINGS for Caravan Parks & Camping - BUT What about the Camping areas WITH ZERO STARS? - There not ALL equal!:D On our travels we award a CANE TOAD RATING for below zero camping areas - I will kick it off. :eek::eek::eek:(Cane toads) ROLLESTON - 15 years ago -...
  18. billolga


    After LOTS of Bush travel, we have turned into the LAZIEST DAMNED COOKS you could find! * We carry HEAPS of those packet sauces & cook ALL of the nights meal in ONE POT. (Very little washing up - 1 pot - 2 plates & 2 x knifes forks & spoons) * For trips up to a week we only carry FROZEN...