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  1. warthogqld

    Drawers vs Storage crates

    hey all i have 4 side by side drawers fitted in the rear of my 90 series Prado combined empty they weigh in at a hefty 120 kg's thoughts on getting rid of the drawers and going old school with some pelican storage crates ?? opinions welcomed
  2. warthogqld

    Clearview or similar mirrors

    hi i own a 90 series prado but none of the aftermarket mirrors will fit i noticed however on another forum some car mirrors will fit other different model cars. So anyone know what model 4wd mirror would fit onto a 90 series prado by chance ??
  3. warthogqld

    synthetic rope winches

    pardon me , but I have searched the forum topics and sorry if I missed it but winches , who has one ? best reasonably priced winch ? any info appreciated
  4. warthogqld

    downloading ?

    had a look at the "tracks" tab can we download them if so how , sorry I am a newbie
  5. warthogqld

    spare wheel carriers

    Hey all I have a twin spare wheel carrier and am getting a little older but no wiser lol , looking for tips on how you all lift your spare wheels from the ground onto the carrier , and yep 10 years ago I can do it all easy as ……..
  6. warthogqld

    Hema on android tablet

    hey all , first question so be gentle haha has anyone tried Hema explora pro on a galaxy tablet ?? if so good / bad / silly ?
  7. warthogqld

    hi all the warthog lol