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    2011 D Max Recovery Points

    Laurence Sorry but after turning my place upside down looking for them, I casually asked my better half if she had seen them ' Oh those yellow metal bits? I threw them out months ago". So sorry cant help you with specs/pics. My son also lost his FJ recovery points at the same time
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    2011 D Max Recovery Points

    Laurence I bought a set from RoadSafe for my 2014 MUX and, looking at the Roadsafe site, it seems to be the same part number (RP-COL02) as the DMax. I didn't fit the MUX as they wouldn't fit with the TJM bull bar i have. If you are interested in them and think they will fit you can have them...
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    MU-X 2013 -> Technical Info

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    MU-X 2013 -> Technical Info

    What annual vic high country trip are we talking about here?
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    Have your say in the future of 4x4earth!

    Hey ,all I need is a BSB and account number to make a 'donation' each year. The 'overpriced sticker' mentioned earlier is a good idea to say who contributes and is good advertising. While not a major contributor to forums, I have learned so much and get a lot of information from the site. Well...
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    MUX Roadsafe recovery points

    Have 2 brand new roadside recovery points for sale (Lh and RH). Suits Isuzu MUX - and I think the Colarado but you'll need to check website. If you have a TJM bull bar, they will not fit. Have been painted black - hence why I couldn't return them. Has the bolts etc to mount them. Canberra...
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    Recovery points to fit factory bullbar

    I can absolutely confirm that roadside recovery points will not fit MUX with a TJM bull-bar. I missed this whole post and bought a set - sigh! Look in the 'For Sale' forum
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    MU-X 2013 -> Suspension Info

    Yes, me too! Just had the Dobinson's/Bilstein's/PolyAir package put in a week ago - went for a 45mm lift all round. I haven't been off road with it but a significantly better ride on the bitumen - no more 'lumbering' round those roundabouts. Could also be my imagination but steering feels more...
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    kimberley or Pioneer

    I reckon if your wife likes the Kimberly, that's the one to go for! Don't give any reason NOT to go camping. I don't have either so can't say about the choices.
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    Caption this

    How do you like my new boat anchor?
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    MU-X 2013 -> Fuel Tanks, Underbody, Wheels

    Secondary fuel filter in. Bought it online through diesel care. Minor hitch, I had a dual battery installed earlier in the year and the isolating switch was right where the filter was to be located. Have to relocate the switch, it's currently hanging by cable ties.
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    MU-X 2013 -> Fuel Tanks, Underbody, Wheels

    Ziggy - thanks for info - appreciated. Now to look at my cash flow and book it in! I'm also looking to fit a secondary fuel filter
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    MU-X 2013 -> Fuel Tanks, Underbody, Wheels

    Ok, thanks. Their website is equally blank on details
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    MU-X 2013 -> Fuel Tanks, Underbody, Wheels

    Fuel tank question again. ARB has release its own brand (Frontier tank) for an MUX. HAs anyone got one fitted? I looked at a sample of a tank polymer. Its a replacement tank so no need to move spare. Im wondering how much the tank drops below the existing one. There's not a lot of space so I...
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    New too!

    Just signed up. New to 4wd (been doing this vicariously through my son so far. He has a 2001 pajero). I have just bought an MUX and now slowly kitting it up. In Canberra so my first drive was through Brindabella NP - but kept on mains. Will venture further afield as experience builds...