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  1. Luthy

    Anyone interested in a 4by trip???

    Sooooo i havent been on for awhile and am interested if anyone would like to come for a 4by either as a day trip or a weekend. Just putting it out there to see the interest. Cheers
  2. Luthy

    TJ's camp

    Hi all been awhile since we got a camp together and we have decided to go to TJ's 4b, camping and hiking park for the June long weekend. Anyone is welcome to come but will need to book themselves in. Cost is $20 per vehicle per night i believe. Must have CB also. Fire wood will be collectrd on...
  3. Luthy

    Wollombi trip

    Weekend of the 29th march we are going for a camp at Wollombi pub and doing a run up Ourimbah state forest. Anyone welcome. There will be a fire, kids and wives present so its a family affair. There is a few things to do for kids around the area (Tree Tops Adventure park), food and beverages at...
  4. Luthy

    10th -11th of august

    Anyone keen for a weekend away? Have a few spots in mimd just need nymbers and where from will depend north or south of central coast
  5. Luthy

    Day trip this weekend 11th

    Thinking of going out for a run on Saturday. Any keen to tag along? Either Watagans, Ourimbah, Catho, Sugerloaf, Wallaroo, I'm easy really theres lots out there. Lemme know if your interested!
  6. Luthy

    Tassie trip easter 2019

    Hi all, The missus and I are planning a trip down to Tassie over easter, 2019. We will be travelling the east coast down and then up through to the middle and then back down (bypassing Hobart really) the west side and then back up the west side and around the top back to Davenport. We plan on...
  7. Luthy

    Turon Gates Weekender

    So last weekend we decided to have a little meet up and do some trails around the Turon/Ben Bullen area. I arrived at Capertee pub on the friday at about lunch to find Hamish (Allmostunseen) and Daniel (MrDPG) already at the pub, beers in hand aimlessly wandering around looking for the kitchen...
  8. Luthy

    EOI 11th and 12th

    Hi all so I'm thinking of another trip for the 11th and 12th of August maybe down zig zag way. I dont know any tracks down that way but am keen to have a look around. If anyone is interested I can make a plan up and see what's about. Any one got an idea or any recommendations? Hopefully get some...
  9. Luthy


    So it was decided to have a camp at Karuah NP and explore some of the tracks in the Wallaroo SF and Wallaroo NP. I arrived at the corner of The Buckets way and Limberners Cr rd were I was meeting the first of the happy campers for the weekend. Richard showed up and we decided to get some...
  10. Luthy

    EOI July 14th run

    Hey all, well I need to get out for a day or two for a run and was wondering if any one was keen. I was thinking Wallaroo SF, Killingworth (entering from freemans waterhole) or if there are any takers from sydney maybe Ourimbah SF. Let me know and can work out the details from there. Cheers!
  11. Luthy

    Holden Colorado MY17

    Well heres my Collie that i been building up. So its got an Ironman bullbar with 9500lb Carbon winch, 26" LED light bar (1680w), 2" Ironman susp. Lift running 285/75r16 Kenda MT/29 tyres on steel white rims, Ironman sliders/steps, Bushskinz underbody protection, 129l Brown and Davis LR tank...
  12. Luthy

    Iluka weekend

    Were heading up to Iluka for the long weekend and was wondering if there are any easy-moderate tracks around there or any sights that are good for a day drive? I think there is some beach driving i can do up there but any information would be welcome. Cheers Luthy
  13. Luthy

    Willi Willi and Bellangry

    So its been abit slow but here it goes..... There was some interest in a trip that was done quite awhile ago and someone decided to go and do the trip again just for a look see. It was mentioned by Richard that he was going to have a drive on the tuesday and go and have a look at Kindee...
  14. Luthy

    New car stuff

    Okay so i just bought a new truck and was wondering what are some things to get done to it as a normal thing. So far i have only 2 main things to prolong the life of said truck: Water fuel sperator/alarm Diff breathers Is there anything else i should look at as this is my first new truck and a...
  15. Luthy


    Sooooooo its been awhile since my last outing and have got an itch that needs to be scratched so just putting out some feelers to see if anyone wants to go for a day trip or an overnighter to either the Watagans or Ourimbah SF for a lil drive. Or anywhere else really....... Luthy
  16. Luthy

    Diff drop

    I have a 06 Ra rodeo and thinking about lifting it to a 3 inch rear spring and a 2.5 TB wind and adding a 1/2" diff drop. I have done a fair bit of research on this and it is quite doable. Has anyone done this? I have looked at a RA rodeo that has a bigger lift then mine and the cv angles are...
  17. Luthy

    day trip coffs

    Hi at the missus parents for chrissy and was wondering if anyone wanted to show me a few tracks around coffs? Nothin truck busting as qe are heading north when we leave here. Even if someone knows some good lookouts, waterfalls or scenic drives lemme kno! Luthy
  18. Luthy

    powering a fridge

    Ok might be a dumb question but were do u store the power cord that goes into fridge while its on the fridge slide. Do people unplug it or do u just stuff it behind the fridge and when u pull the fridge slide out do u then try and put it back without jamming it up? Thanks in advance Luthy Im...
  19. Luthy

    Rodeo loses power

    Hi all well just drove down to sydney and back and had a few problems with the rodeo. It started with me going uphill on the m1 and just got worse as I went (mind you this was to drop my father off for an international flight so he wasn't impressed). So what happens is it runs fine for awhile...
  20. Luthy

    hi again

    Just started a new acc cause I wanted a new name and my last acc was jammed and couldnt post anything. Originally zzee.