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    Kings gear

    I purchased two sets of supacentre led camp lights over a period and the older of the two has several blown bulbs/leds and the later one has failed to one of the four bar sets , are they flooding the market with cheap Chinese products or is it just bad luck and of course they are conveniently...
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    Forster Tuncurry to Pt Macquarie the Backway

    Anybody know of a way to go this way if there is one
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    Spanish Steps

    can anybody share some info on these - where are they and how difficult - seen it on youtube but that doesnt give a fair idea - thanx don
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    d22 wheels

    hi guys -- got 3 d22 16 inch standard alloys off 2010 with tyres / tyres are no good but hold air ; wheels are reasonable / located sydney $20 each/ call me 0412714006
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    2018 NSW Gathering

    Was wondering if this years NSW gathering could be held somewhere different like Bendethera
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    Never ending story 2018

    Ok all you never ending misfits -- here is the 2018 saga beginning / follow the guidelines / one post each person per day and no more than three words and you have to wait for somebody else to post before you can / and make it funny if that is possible........ undercstumble
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    Bombala to O"Tooles

    anybody got any ideas as how to go this way in a not too difficult manner although not too scared of tracks up to the difficulty of billy goats / i hope to go from Sydney to O"Tooles for the meet in november and was looking at some different routes
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    Baal Bone direction

    hi guys / as there are two different ways to do baal bone / which do you think would be the hardest / easiest -- thanks
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    Kings throttle controller

    Anybody used these things and how have they worked out for you ?
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    crash zone sensor

    just wrecked my crash zone sensor at the front of my d22 - it is located adjacent my winch that had a cable drum spool overroll - didnt even know where it was and never was a problem till just now - $500 for a newy from japan - hoping to fix the wiring and relocate it a little higher - dont...
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    d22 crash zone sensor

    just found out that a cable ball on the front winch drum has taken out my crash zone sensor - didnt even know it was there - now i gotta fix the wiring and lift it out of the way - just be aware of this if you decide to fit a winch that sits atop the chassis rails
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    Zeka spur track

    hi guys / was told the zeka spur track is supposed to be a goodie / cant find it on my hema atlas / can anyone give me a location and input / thanx
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    heads up all you sick navara owners out there / there is a website specially for the navara owners where you can find all kinds of info / more so for d40 but all navaras including the latest np
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    engine oil temps

    hi guys / was wondering about the engine oil temps for a typical navara dual cab turbo diesel engine in the tropics and hot areas of australia - i am planning a round trip of 11.000 klms from sydney to darwin and back through normanton and possibly camerons corner if time will allow and was...
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    Land offsets

    any body know how this works - i believe that if mining companies want a lease and there is some kind of stink about it then part of the lease condition is that the miner must foster another land area equal to the area they are destroying to be kept absolute pristine / anybody know of such...
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    dont know ifn this short be under another topic but heh / was wondering ifn somebody can give me some info about this track as to - how difficult would it be with a bogstocker with half worn ats and what would be the best direction . ie north - south or south - north - any otherinfo would be...
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    Torsion bars

    was wondering if some of you knowledgeable folk could help me get a few ideas as to my d22 torsion bars / was down the tyre place getting a wheel alignment and tyre rotation and it was suggested they wind up the torsion bars to get a bit more clearance and better for the wheel alignment ??; but...
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    Hub protection

    hi guys - was wondering if there is some way to protect the front free wheeling hub thingy - on the turon trip my car slipped sideways into a hole and sheared of the little centre cap / would have been nice if it had sheared off the front hub oooo any thoughts on that
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    Wheel Chains

    in my demented wonderings i was pondering about these things - what would be the better set up -- diamond or ladder patterns -- are they illegal anywhere and lastly what pressures would be the ideal -- would you just keep the usual bitumen pressures or would you lower them and how would this...
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    hey guys whats this all about - is it only trucks and do you need a special engine ?