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  1. ALUX

    Track Conditions Pokolbin State Forrest

    Went up there last week can drive the main loop in a Prius. Didn’t get down yellow rock but most of the tracks there are pretty vanilla. Enjoy
  2. ALUX

    04 hilux diff leak

    There’s a seal where the cvs go into the diff just behind the flange. The one on the short side (drivers side I think) flogs out on nearly all of these. I took the diff out and took it to a diffs and gearboxes shop who machined in a bearing to hold the shaft steady and prevent it happening...
  3. ALUX

    Packing your car for a 4WD adventure

    8. Don’t overthink it. Just get out there. After all, it is meant to be a recreational activity. :)
  4. ALUX

    How to charge your phone using twigs..

    Can you get one to power a sandwich toaster?
  5. ALUX

    Too many people are killing there engine with a snorkel while bogged.

    I reckon the photo of the air box is a fake and has been filled deliberately for the photo. I have the same car and the same snorkel, and there is a baffle under the ram head that stops water going down the snorkel. If it does go down the snorkel, it gets trapped in the resonator, and if that...
  6. ALUX

    Barrington Tops Australia Day long weekend 2017

    Great stuff. Was it busy at manning river camp?
  7. ALUX

    Land offsets

    Hey mate I do this for a living. All are privately owned and all the mining offsets are strictly off limits unfortunately. Some great country out there but same as other private blocks they're a no go unless you have a reason or know them.
  8. ALUX

    This Is Absolutely Disgraceful.

    I might just pay no tax next year and claim to help out Australia in other ways. I'll stimulate more jobs by having more money to spend. Big business eithics at a grass roots level. Makes sense to me.
  9. ALUX

    This Is Absolutely Disgraceful.

    The rhetoric that big companies employ people with the left over cash they saved instead of paying tax is the biggest con of the 21st century. They don't employ more people. They pocket it. Exactly as per the billions they post in profit every year.
  10. ALUX

    Runva 11XP strip and service

    Thanks for sharing mate. Great write up.
  11. ALUX

    SA weather front

    I didn't think that many people lived in SA ;) Good excuse to get a decent 12v setup in the 4by just for emergencies.
  12. ALUX

    SA weather front

    Thanks les. On the east coast it's a big news story. Just wanted to know how bad it actually was. Sounds like it wasn't that bad?
  13. ALUX

    SA weather front

    How long was everyone actually out of power for?
  14. ALUX

    Basic Essentials for the Big Trip

    Surfboard, fishing gear, esky full of tins, approved leave. All you need mate!
  15. ALUX

    Starter motor

    Well my newly reconditioned starter shat itself today. New one going in tomorrow. So annoying.
  16. ALUX

    Bullbar has gaps, any cheap options to make it look better?

    Get a can of black paint and spray everything in that gap so it doesn't stick out so much. My 2c
  17. ALUX

    Starter motor

    All back together and working fine. Stoked I actually diagnosed and repaired something on my own
  18. ALUX

    Starter motor

    Mine should be fine without replacing anything. Just needs mud and yabbies scrubbed out and reassembled.
  19. ALUX

    Starter motor

    Thanks mate. I took out as much wiring as I could. I also bought some long handle spanners that I've been meaning to get for a while. Both bolts came out like butter and didn't lose any knuckles. Highly recommend getting a set. Now to dismantle and get the starter working again!
  20. ALUX

    What is the difference between D22 and D40

    The d22 has a slimmer body profile, which helps it fit in the bin easier.