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    Vic to Ayres Rock then across Simpson

    Hey guys, planning a trip in early May. Looking for another vehicle or 2 to join in. Plan on heading from Vic to Ayres Rock at the end of April. Will spend a day or so at Coober Pedy then about 3 days at the Rock. Then head across the Simpson Desert over 4 days to Birdsville. I'm taking my...
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    Kayaks Found near Dargo high plains rd

    Hi guys, found a pair of kayaks on the weekend and had to bring them home to save them from getting used for target practice. There was part of a note on them but couldnt make out much of it due to water damage. They had been there for a while as one was half full of water. So if anyone has some...
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    Day Trip Around O'Tooles

    Hi guys. Im planning a day trip to O'Tooles on the 21st Feb to show the rellies some of the old mining sites in the area. The plan is to head in via Cheynes Bridge Tk off the Heyfield-Jamieson Rd. We will be doing the walk to the Thompson Water Wheel in the morning and going to the Toombon...
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    Snow report - Pinnacles to Tamboritha Saddle

    Just got back from a fun but tiring trip up the snow. Went up Billy Goats Bluff then across to Arbuckle Junction then along Tamboritha Saddle and home. 1st signs of snow was about 2km from the top of Billy, just a few little patches. 1km from the top it started covering the track and by...
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    VIC - Patrol 3L clutch

    For Sale 2 Genuine Nissan Patrol clutches To suit COMMON RAIL 3L only Both are complete with DUAL MASS FLYWHEELS and are used but have done under 20,000kms. They are in very good condition and should last over 80,000km's. No bolts are included. Both clutches were removed from utes...
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    Sat 7th Dec Talbotville and Pinnacles day trip

    Hey guys, im taking a mate for a day trip on Saturday 7th December. Plan is to take the easy way to Talbotville through Dargo. Will turn off McMillans Track at Bulltown Spur track and follow the river in to Talbotville. Will probably stop for an early BBQ lunch there (about 11:00-12.30)...
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    January 2014 High Country Trip?

    Thinking of having another High Country Trip in January the week before Australia Day (20th-25th) to miss most of the weekend warriors. Looking to do Caledonia River Track (steep in/out with about 14 river crossings) and spend a night or 2 by the river. May also go to Wanangatta for 2 nights...
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    VIC - D40 Bonnet and Headlight Protectors

    Brand New D40 Smoked/Tinted Bonnet Protector to suit current shape P/N - F5166-5X110AU Retail $93.97 Selling for $45 Brand New Headlight Covers to suit current shape P/N B6310-5X100AU Retail $93.97 Selling for $45 Or sell both together for $80 Pick up available from Sale, 3850...
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    VIC - T31 Nudge Bar

    Brand New T31 X-Trail Nudge Bar The nudge bar i have is for a T31 Diesel 06/2008- 07/2010. part number is F2160JG200AU. Has a small scratch on the plastic. Can take a pic on request. Its yours for $300 plus freight. Or pick up from Sale, 3850,Vic.
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    Group to travel from Sale to Vic Gathering??

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone wants to group up on Thursday 14th Nov to travel to the Vic Gathering. I was thinking of going up Marathon Rd then down Billy Goats Bluff Track . From there cross the Wannangatta river to Neates Track and onto Crooked River Track to the Talbotville campsite...
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    Vic High country 7-11 October

    Well what a trip to do solo with the family. Day 1 saw us pack the car and head off to the Wellington River just up the road from Licola. We set up camp, collected some firewood and cooked some Satay Chicken with slightly over cooked rice. IMG_20131007_174245_zps7c7f50b9.jpg Photo by...
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    Memory maps android problem

    Hey guys, just paid for the 25k toppo map but i cant figure out how to get the planned route from PC to my Nexus 4. I have the route saved in my phone but MM doesnt pick it up. Ive wasted 6 hours trying to figure this shit out when i should be getting everything ready for Monday grrrrrrr...
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    Pinnacles Snow Trip

    Im taking the family for a drive to the Pinnacles this Friday (12th July) Will be leaving Sale about 9am and will head to Briagalong then up Marathon Rd. Left onto New Place Creek Rd then to Pleydells Spur Tk until we hit Moroka Valencia Creek Tk. Then follow it until we hit the main road...
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    Vic High Country Trip October

    Hi guys, Im planning on doing a 4 or 5 day trip into the Vic high country in October. Most likely will be from the 7th to the 11th (Mon-Fri). And yes i do realise that some tracks are closed until the end of October, but thats fine as i dont want to be there all day clearing fallen trees...
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    Mount Margaret Track (Licola)

    Hey guys, was up at Licola today scouting out camp sites along the river past Licola. On a whim I decided to try going home along Mt Margaret Track. Started along the track about 1230. Within 400m it was fairly rocky and rough as guts. A washed out rocky section with quite a few black marks...
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    Hey everyone

    Was looking for some maps and came across 4x4earth, looks like a good site. Just bought my 1st 4wd (03 3.0l Patrol 174k's) still stock for now. Future changes are steel bullbar and winch, 2"lift, exhaust, snorkle and roof rack. Trying to decide on some new tyres. Stuck between ST maxx...