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  1. rmb3218

    What to do with oil collected from catch can?

    I've got a FlashLube catch can fitted to my 2011 79 LandCruiser. Works well. My query is what to do with the collected oil on long remote trips. When I did the Canning I put it into a container that stayed in my tool box, that got a bit messy. What are peoples thoughts on putting the oil...
  2. rmb3218

    BobJane J-Trax A/T Tyres

    Hi, Looking for any feedback on BobJane J-Trax A/T Tyres. They are LT tyre. Cheers, Kevin
  3. rmb3218

    2004 Toyota Coaster 12v converter

    Hi, Does anyone know where the 12v converter that feeds the radio is in a 24v 2004 Coaster bus is? Thanks, Kevin
  4. rmb3218

    Shannons Home & Contents Insurance

    Hi, Has anyone had anyone had experience with Shannons for Home & Contents insurance. I have my 4wd with them but haven't needed to make a claim. Thanks, Kevin
  5. rmb3218

    Need someone to checkout 4x4 in Fyshwick act

    Hi All, I am looking to buy a 4x4 from Fyshwick in the ACT, I am in Vic. Who would you recommend to check it out? Thanks, Kevin
  6. rmb3218

    Adjust door on 79 cruiser - vibrating.

    I need to adjust the drivers door on my 2011 VDJ79 SC ute. It is vibrating on corrugations. There is no adjustment on the latch on the “B” pillar on the car body. Any advice appreciated. Thanks, Kevin
  7. rmb3218

    Need help/info on problem with new suspension

    I have just had a suspension fitted by a dealer of one of Australia's largest suppliers of 4WD gear. The vehicle is a 2011 Toyota VDJ79 single cab Landcruiser. On the leaf spring the military/safety wrap is rubbing on the chassis. The dealer has contacted the supplier and they have come back and...
  8. rmb3218

    Fulcrum Formula4x4 suspension

    Has anyone fitted Fulcrum Formula4x4 suspension?
  9. rmb3218

    Canning stock - fuel usage

    We will be doing the Canning this year, in 2011 Toyota 79 single cab, stock engine/exhaust. Interested to hear of others with same vehicle of their fuel usage and how much they carried. Thanks, Kevin
  10. rmb3218

    Victron BMV-712 UTP cable

    Hi, Can anyone tell me if the UTP cable on the Victron BMV-712 is a standard RJ45 cat6 cable? Thanks, Kevin
  11. rmb3218

    Memory-Map 100k NT map - anyone have this?

    With the recent update to Hema 4WD app I “lost” my paid for Memory-Map 100k map. This map is now no longer available for download. Does anyone have a copy of the map? I have emailed Memory-Map & they don’t have a copy, but if I can find a copy I can reactivate the license for it. Thanks, Kevin
  12. rmb3218

    ARB dual battery tray 79 cruiser

    For Sale ARB dual battery tray out of 2011 s/c 79. Complete with maxi fuses and Redarc SB1212 200a vsr. $275 or make offer for bare tray. NE Victoria
  13. rmb3218

    Terrain Tamer Catchcan Pro in VDJ79

    What sort kms is everyone getting out the the filter in the Terrain Tamer Catchcan Pro on a VDJ79? The replacement filters are around $90. Has anyone tried these? Thanks, Kevin
  14. rmb3218

    Chassis mount canopy to suit Toyota SC Landcruiser

    Chassis mount aluminium canopy, single cab. Built by Burns Engineering Kinglake. 200w solar panel with Morningstar regulator. 80L water tank 600w psw inverter 12volt & USB outlets. Rear work light Rear view camera Rear draw 1200x900x200 Dual led lights on both sides Provision for 2x40l Engel...
  15. rmb3218

    Cabin heat insulation

    I am looking at putting heat insulation under the vinyl floor mat of my Landcruiser workmate, I am not concerned about sound deadening. What products have people used and what difference did it make? Thanks, Kevin
  16. rmb3218

    Ultragauge Blue

    Has anyone used the the Ultragauge Bluetooth unit? Cheers, Kevin
  17. rmb3218

    Digoptions Android Head-unit & OBD2

    Has anyone got a Digoptions Android unit working with a bluetooth OBD2/ELM327 dongle with DashCommand or Torque Pro. I am having issues with the Digoptions talking to the Bluetooth dongle (Vcar Igate2). No problems with Android tablet...
  18. rmb3218

    ROH Trak 2

    I have a 2011 ex Parks Victoria 79 single cab that has ROH Trak 2 rims on it. I have just got a 2nd spare rim from Bob Jane. When I got home and had a closer look at the new rim it has a different offset, approx 10-15mm, than what is on the car. ROH has only one 16x8 rim to fit a 5 stud with...
  19. rmb3218

    Warn XD9000 Help

    I was doing a overhaul of my Warn XD9000 and have "misplaced" the spring that goes between the the 2 cones on the brake assy. The spring is not available as a spare part, only the whole brake. Would anyone have one that they would be prepared to part with, for a price, or a photo of one would...
  20. rmb3218

    2011 Toyota VDJ79 sub tank relay

    Does anyone know where subtank relay on a 2011 Toyota single cab VDJ79 is located? It is the relay that is turned on via the sub switch, which then activates the 2 fuel solenoids. I have gone onto the online Toyota manuals and can find no reference to it's location Thanks Kevin