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    Pat Callinan vs John Rooth

    Hee hee. Mate of mine took his stock Subaru Brumby ute to the Tip about 25yrs ago. Bloke in a cruiser tells him 'ya cant bring that thing up here' to which he replied 'well I have havent I' or similar. I saw a show the other day with a dual cab defender and two other trucks going up the...
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    North Stradbroke Island -AWD Banned

    Best vehicle on sand, other than a beetle, was our DL Subaru dual range from 1990. Bloody brilliant thing. Worst - 2007 Rav 4. Stupid 4wd setup where the rear only engages when the front slips........ Spin, rev, stop. :o
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    is this true about prado engines

    I think the only one is I sit on 100k most of the time and use light throttle when taking off in traffic. But that's still quicker than the poor old 1kz . I use a scanguage so tracking is instantaneous. If I am in a hurry and run cruise sitting on 110 - 120 it gets around 14 but it's...
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    is this true about prado engines

    I'm thinking here muc that you and I might actually agree on something. Low coolant alarms should be standard on all vehicles.
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    First 4WD (15k - 20k)

    Hi Matt These two are great. I have had the Prado in both petrol and earlier 1kzte Turbo Diesel. Go the petrol. It will only cost an extra litre per 100k's on average and thats not much for the sheer pleasure of driving it. Our TD gets around the 13's everywhere. The v6 is as low...
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    To chip or not to chip - interesting read

    It depends really. Prados in particular really benefit from an aftermarket system particularly as the dump pipe is incredibly restricted. On the 1kz's a quality aftermarket system is better than a chip in my experience.
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    is this true about prado engines

    Something for the original poster to consider. I have just upgraded from a 2004 TD prado to a 2009 V6 auto prado. I am averaging 11.9 with the V6 on the highway with bullbar and 70series tyres. My TD was averaging around 13.
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    is this true about prado engines

    I was actually mirroring the sarcasm of the original post that I replied to. I thought that was blatantly obvious. And it would indeed have done exactly what you said. It got hot, the temp gauge shows it, it loses coolant and the gauge drops. They keep driving and the ambient temp makes...
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    is this true about prado engines

    Of course it does. :rolleyes:
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    1fz-fe engine knock

    Timing chain and tensioner would be my guess. I'm not going to lie to you Marge.
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    Auto Transmission Cooler

    So, why do the engineers that design these vehicles not fit LARGER coolers standard.?
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    Auto Transmission Cooler

    Sooooooo - what your saying is the manufacturers are so stupid they under cool their transmissions and we know better. WelI know that's not what you said but that's what you can take from it. If you add an external cooler to your trans your trans will run cooler. That's fine when you are...
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    Auto Transmission Cooler

    Yeah hot. Migraine this morning. If you drop the lower hose you can see the cooler blocking it. I'm not going to lie to you Marge.
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    Auto Transmission Cooler

    Listen to your dealer. These are not borg warner 35's anymore and running them with an additional cooler means they run cool which is not something that you want, particularly when 95% of their time is on the road. They need to run at operating temperature like all oils.
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    Auto Transmission Cooler

    Dont forget that lots of surf models have an internal trans cooler in the lower radiator section that slightly blocks the lower radiator outlet which also causes the engine to run cool.
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    RIP Lambo, SA Member.

    Very sad. Depression is a terrible disease and can be hard to cure. Strength to his family.
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    Change to new car imports

    Saw one of these near the tweed yesterday. One tough beast :)
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    D40 gearbox died , case hardening come off shafts.

    You should be towing in whichever gear is 1:1 so the drive is straight through the box. Good your dad had a decent outcome. Not the norm with Nissan Dealers.
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    exhaust and headers for 80 series 4.5

    The 4.5's have a pretty good exhaust standard. If you are serious about it then to get the most you really need to pin the extractors to the head and port it out so its nice and smooth. The $$ invested is probably not worth the increase in power.
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    The Nerve of this guy

    This is breach of the Australian Consumer Law. It would help others if you were to report it online to them seeing as its an inferior product.