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  1. rosco4x4hunter

    Front diff LSD or Auto Locker

    Guys Can an LSD be used in a front diff like and Auto Locker, I get varied answers depending on who I talk too, $900 for a locker is a bit out of my reach Regards Rosco
  2. rosco4x4hunter

    Parks pass for Vic High Country

    Guys a quick question, I have a trip arranged for mid November to the Vic High Country. Will be around Craigs hut, Wonongatta Station, Blue Rag and Jamieson do I need a parks pass????
  3. rosco4x4hunter

    What grade of oil in a Warn high mount gear box.

    Hi there I have had some welding done on my warn high mount casing, they had to drop the oil out and I need to replace it. Has anyone got an idea of what grade it takes.:confused: Regars Rosco
  4. rosco4x4hunter

    Watagans Aug 2014

    Hi all I am after some medium to hard tracks in the Watagans area. three capable vehicles and drivers are going to Fraser and on the way home we look like we will spend four or so days in the Watagans prior to heading back to Tassie. so after some tracks that we could do a circuit on whether...
  5. rosco4x4hunter

    Who has a turboed N/A 4.2 diesel

    OK who has a naturally aspirated Nissan TD42 that has been converted to a turbo. My questions are: a) how much boost do you run b) what engine mods did you do prior to fitting the turbo c) how many k's have you done with this setup.
  6. rosco4x4hunter

    Fraser Island trip

    Hey there a question for the QLDers. What is the best time of year to go to Fraser Island. What month or couple of months has the most consistent weather for camping, travelling etc. Am considering a trip up and want to make the most of the couple of weeks I would be there. Cheers Rosco
  7. rosco4x4hunter

    patrol electrical problem

    Can anyone help, when I turn my park lights/headlights on my left indicator illuminates at the same time. I check a couple of earths in the engine bay but that didn't help, any ideas....
  8. rosco4x4hunter

    Does any one have HEMA on a laptop

    Hey Guys I am looking at buying HEMA for my laptop as a package OziExplorer Real Time Tracking Package does anyone on here use this system what are the good points bad points, can you use it like a normal street directory style GPS etc etc. dumb questions but I dont want to spend $360 and it...
  9. rosco4x4hunter

    water quality in high country

    Guys What is the water quality like in the rivers up the high country, on face value you would say it gotta be crystal clear but are there any bacteria issues ie Giardia etc or should I bring in my own supplies, doing Dargo, Talbotville though to Bright area in Nov 2012
  10. rosco4x4hunter

    Nissan Patrol ST 30 1992

    Nissan Patrol ST 30, 1992 Good Points versatile, strong, reliable etc etc. Bad Points heavy on fuel What mods have you done? Custom Bull Bar, 9000lb high mount winch, IPF 900XS spots, 2 work light spotties in bull bar, 2" suspension lift, 2" body lift, 285/75 16 Silverstone...
  11. rosco4x4hunter

    Vic high country

    Hi there, Hoping the Victorians on this forum may be able to help me, there are three ( GQ, 80 series & 2002 hilux) possibly four vehicles coming over November this year to do a two week stint in the high country, have been doing some research and I have a HEMA map that tells me I can travel...
  12. rosco4x4hunter


    Hi there folks. a quick hello from Tassie. My names Rosco, 50 something, love the outdoors, hate sitting on my rear. catch you all soon.