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  1. knot_gillty

    D-max roof rack

    G'day all, has anyone fitted a roof rack to the cab of their dual cab D-max? If so, which brand and could you post a pic please. Cheers, Gilly
  2. knot_gillty

    Isuzu owners trip

    G'day fellow Isuzu owners. Just wondering if anyone would like to participate in an all Isuzu day trip in Victoria at all? I'd be keen to catch up with other owners for a look at the different mods and stuff we've all done to both the D-Max and MU-X. I'm open for suggestions on places, times...
  3. knot_gillty

    STATE VIC - Bridgestone Dueller 245/70R16

    SOLD - VIC - Bridgestone Dueller 245/70R16 SOLD Item Detail - BRAND NEW Bridgestone Dueller 245/70R16 off my D-Max. Only did 180kms!!! YEP, 180kms!!!! Condition - Obviously in perfect condition. Rims and tyres. Price - I'm thinking $120 each so it makes it $600. Won't separate. Price...
  4. knot_gillty

    My D-Max 2014

    Just thought i'd get some pics in this area in case no one visits the "my 4wd" thread. Happy with it so far. Good Points Great on fuel, towing capacity is up on previous models to 3.5t, looks and goes mean as piss, tray back so I can throw dead animals in the back and maybe some firewood...
  5. knot_gillty

    Isuzu D-Max 2014

    Isuzu D-Max, 2014 Good Points Great on fuel, towing capacity is up on previous models to 3.5t, looks and goes mean as piss, tray back so I can throw dead animals in the back and maybe some firewood too. Bad Points It's not the dual cab Cruiser I wanted..... What mods have you...
  6. knot_gillty

    STATE VIC - Toyota Prado '09

    I'll just post my carsales link: 2009 Toyota Landcruiser Prado KDJ150R GX Sports Automatic Price is negotiable. Need it gone so make reasonable offers. takes no responsibility for items advertised for sale here. All negotiations, sales and agreements are...
  7. knot_gillty

    Performance Chip for '13-'14 Dmax

    Has anyone installed a performance chip on their 2013 or 2014 Dmax? If so, what chip did you end up going for and why? And what improvements has it made? Cheers
  8. knot_gillty

    Not a resolution but a To-Do list

    As the title says, a To-Do list! I don't make resolutions like "I'm going to stop drinking" or "I'm going to get to X kgs". My To-Do list isn't very long either. The few things on it this year: Shoot a deer with my bow. Get out 4wding with the old Gippy Crew again. Catch a decent Blue Fin...
  9. knot_gillty

    What a week

    Hi all, it's been about a week since iv'e been on here and what a week it's been. As some people know my wife and i welcomed our 3rd child into the world on Wednesday 22nd Sept. Beautiful little boy that we didn't have a name for at the start of the day. We did have his names chosen it was just...
  10. knot_gillty

    Happy birthday old chap.

    Happy birthday to Coxy who has just gone 37! Happy birthday "Old Chap"...
  11. knot_gillty

    My Hummer build

    I decided to build a Hummer for my sons birthday. I've taken photos from the start of the build to the finished product. Very happy with how it has turned out!!
  12. knot_gillty

    A new rig for Frosty

    So, Frosty's car is no longer so i went looking and found this for him: 1991 Lada Niva CABRIOLET burgandy M Cabriolet (eBay item 280460654370 end time Jun-04-10 12:35:40 EST)
  13. knot_gillty


    I see some Pollie wants to ban the burka that muslim shielas wear! Good i say as they stole it in the first place!!!!! Who from you ask????
  14. knot_gillty

    April Fools!!

    After posting up that our new Prado has been having a drink in the inlaws dam i thought i would put the question out: How many people have you FOOLED today?? I got 2 with that one then Grampy came on and ruined it for me!! So, bmurray and Bek, thanks for taking the bait!! I also got another...
  15. knot_gillty

    2 new additions

    Well i'm happy to announce we will be having 2 new additions to our family shortly!! Very excited AGAIN!!! :eek::D:D;)
  16. knot_gillty

    Caulfield Camping Show

    So i was standing around at our stall down here today when i recognised this bloke walking past. He looked familiar and i then noticed the shirt the bloke with him was wearing was a 4wd Action shirt. I walked over to him and said "Glenno, Troy from Johnno's Camper Trailers, I've got just the...
  17. knot_gillty

    Never Ending Story MARCH 2010- 3 words per post ONLY

    It's now March
  18. knot_gillty

    Toyotas hold their value well

    Found this 60 Series on carpoint: 1987 TOYOTA LANDCRUISER DELUXE HJ61RG Private Cars For Sale in VIC -
  19. knot_gillty

    It's a GIRL!!!! New Addition to Team Yobbo

    A big congratulations to Mat and Tanya (Pure Yobbo) on the safe arrival of their baby girl Eloise Mary Jean Brady at 7:05pm tonight. Weighing in at a respectable 3.82kg. Thats means we have a girl Bogan, as thats what mini Yobbos are called.....:D:D
  20. knot_gillty

    Middle Earth 2011

    So, where, when and who will this be organised by this year?? We did NSW last year and i think in an earlier poll most were leaning towards SA for this one. I'm just putting it back out there and seeing where we might be interested in now. We have a lot more members since last Middle Earth so...