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  1. BOUNCY HJ61

    What BMX Did You Have As A Kid?

    With A New Baby In The House, And Lisa On Half Pay- Maternity Leave, And Because 4WD's Are So Expensive Restoring, ie BOUNCY, I've Lowered My Challenge To A BMX, Ha Ha Ha !!! I've Started With A MALVERN STAR- MAXI. which Prompts Me To Ask, What BMX Did Everyone Have As A Kid? Cheers Michael
  2. BOUNCY HJ61

    Gas BBQ's

    Greetings All, What Are Peoples Favourite Choice/Brand Of Gas BBQ. Needing To Make A Decision Soon, And Many Brands I've Never Heard Of. Cheers Michael
  3. BOUNCY HJ61

    15a Plug On Mig Welder

    Greetings All, Looking At Buying A 180A Mig Welder, To Knock Up Some Rock Sliders/Side Steps, But It's Got A 15a Earth PLug. What's Needed To Run On A 10a Wall Socket, Can I Make An Extension Lead With 10a At One End And 15a At The Other? Would A 15a Earth Overload A !0a Earth...
  4. BOUNCY HJ61

    Useful Knots

    Greetings All, Anyone With Common Or Useful Knots, Whether For Camping, Boating, Securing A Load, Or Fishing, Add It Here! The Truckers' Hitch - tied 3 different ways - YouTube How to Splice a Loop into the End of a Rope for Dummies like me... I'll never forget - YouTube Truckie's...
  5. BOUNCY HJ61

    Truckers Knot - 3 Versions

    The Truckers' Hitch - tied 3 different ways - YouTube
  6. BOUNCY HJ61

    Splicing A Loop In Rope

    Moderators, Please Delete.
  7. BOUNCY HJ61

    How To Splice A Loop In Rope

    How to Splice a Loop into the End of a Rope for Dummies like me... I'll never forget - YouTube
  8. BOUNCY HJ61

    Check Out This Kangaroo

    Flexing kangaroo is totally gangster Cheers Michael
  9. BOUNCY HJ61

    Sat Phones

    Greetings All, Just Exploring The Many Sat Phones, And Curious Who Uses, And What Model People Have Chosen, And Any Problems You Found? Cheers Michael
  10. BOUNCY HJ61

    Windows 8 + JVC Everio

    Greetings All The Gifted, I Give Up And I'm Admitting Defeat! Does Anyone Know How To Upload A Video From A JVC Everio, Into Windows 8, And Then Onto YouTube? The Instruction Manual Would Be Nice To Have!!! Cheers Michael
  11. BOUNCY HJ61

    Cheap Inferior Parts

    Why Is The Car Market Flooded With Cheap Inferior Parts?? It's Now Getting harder And Harder To Sort The Good From The Crap, So In The Long Run Reducing The Accuracy And Reliability Of Fitting Correctly. I Understand The Demand On Resources, Metals ect, To Use Less, But With The Cost Of...
  12. BOUNCY HJ61

    Waco Fridges

    Waeco Fridges After A Recent Trip Away, And Taking The Waco To Freeze Meet, And Keep Milk And Butter And Stuff Cold, I Thought My Waco Had Died. The Meet Defrosted (had To Throw Away) Drinks Weren't Frozen In The Freezer Section (Only Cold), But The Milk Was Still Chilled In The Fridge...
  13. BOUNCY HJ61


    This Was Just Shown On Top Gear, Man It's BIG! The Marauder - South Africa's Ten Ton Military Vehicle - Top Gear - BBC - YouTube Cheers Michael
  14. BOUNCY HJ61

    Sydney To Alice Springs

    Greetings All, This Trip To Alice Springs Starts With A Trip To Penrith First, To Pick Up The Freshly Built 12HT From Penrith Engines, Then A Quick Trip Up To The Blue Mountains- Katoomba, Just To Give The New Engine Some Descent Hills To Load It Up, While Keeping The Rev's Above 1300 And...
  15. BOUNCY HJ61

    Custom Side Steps

    Greetings All, How Much Is Reasonable To Pay For Custom "Protection Side Steps"? Does $1000 Supply And Fit, Sound Too Much? Arb Quoted Just Over $700 Supply. But There Not A True "Protection" Step. Cheers Michael
  16. BOUNCY HJ61

    Toxic Metals And Human Health.

    Greetings All, A Few May Find This Interesting. Cheers Michael TOXIC METALS AND HUMAN HEALTH by Lawrence Wilson, MD © June 2013, The Center for Development Toxic metals comprise a group of minerals that have no known function in the body and, in fact, are harmful...
  17. BOUNCY HJ61

    How To Splice Winch Rope.

    How To Splice Dyneema Rope: Splicing a new plasma winch rope onto your 4x4 off-road winch - YouTube Cheers Michael
  18. BOUNCY HJ61

    Rubber Or Urethane Bushes?

    Greetings Earthers, Just Curious, Who Chooses Rubber Bushes In their Leaf Springs, Over The Popular And Hard Wearing (firmer riding) Urethane? I'm Considering A Bush Change To Soften Bouncy's Ride A Little, Before Tackling The Corrugations In The Red Centre Around Alice Springs. What Do...
  19. BOUNCY HJ61

    Urban Dictionary

    Just Needing To Increase My Urban Vocabulary. Are There Any More Of These, I Keep Needing To Google, To Read Posts. Cheers Michael SWMBO = She Who Must Be Obeyed. LMAO = Laughing My *ss Off
  20. BOUNCY HJ61

    12ht Rebuild

    Greetings Everyone, So I Am Faced With The Need To Rebuild My 12HT, And I've Decided Not To Try It Myself, And Will Give To An Expert. ( Would Love To Rebuild An Engine I Didn't Care About ) Got A Quote Today Of $6800 12HT Rebuild, Without The Injector Pump Or Turbo Being Done...