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  1. billolga

    Sand flags

    We drove an old Mitsi Colt Hatch back around Sturt National Park years ago. No need for flags.
  2. billolga

    Monkey Gum Closing

    I loved Monkey Gum when I was riding Shot Gun in someone else's vehicle.:cool::)
  3. billolga

    Tyres in soft sand

    I have used Mudies for years on lots of sand & the type of tyre you use daoesn't make much difference but the tyre pressure & the drivers experience makes heaps of difference.
  4. billolga

    Tom Groggin to Mt Gibbo to Mt Pinnibar over 3 days

    You always get a 360 Deg view at Mt Pinnibar, even if it is only 100 mtrs.;) Our NSW Group drove through there last month.
  5. billolga

    Long time lurker, but new member

    Welcome @themage21 Mate! From another TD42T Patrol driver, but mine is an Automatic. (Converted from a 3 Ltr)
  6. billolga

    Climate Change - Biggest Money Making Con of the Century or Imminent Extinction of the Human Race

    I am looking forward to my 108th Birthday when Australia will be Carbon Neutral.
  7. billolga

    Tin Horse Highway

    A nice easy drive while heading for Wave Rock.
  8. billolga

    Maxtrax indeflate

    The Army DUKW (Duck) had them in WW2 (Deflate & Inflate)
  9. billolga

    Empty tank indicator

    Do Pilots trust fuel lights & fuel gauges? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. billolga

    practicality of hovercraft

    Hey @peterfermtech , they would be great fun in the High Country going down hill! :cool: :oops:o_O
  11. billolga

    Digital radios in the bush .

    @Bomber2012 "TuneIn Radio" (An American App) is no longer supported by several Australian Stations so there is a new App from the stores called "Radio Australia" which is very easy to use.
  12. billolga

    New to the forum!

    Welcome to the Forum Ben.
  13. billolga


    I have been using an InReach Explorer for years & it covers the whole World unlike Spot that is fine for down south but not the Top End. ($30 a month for 100 two way messages to EMail & SMS [ Reply's come out of your 100 - SMS will cost the replier around 50c] with a link to your location) -...
  14. billolga

    G’day all.

    Welcome Rhys. It's a good time to be setting it up as we can't go far & after a few vehicles plus experience you know what you want.
  15. billolga

    Digital radios in the bush .

    Ignore that - at the bottom there is a link (Start listening for Free) or top with a cross (Top Right) you can skip that.
  16. billolga

    Digital radios in the bush .

    If you have mobile reception you can use the "Tunein Radio" App to get almost any Radio Station in the World for Free (Or you can subscribe for extras). We don't bother using the car radio on long trips as we Blue Tooth the phone to the car. We also use "Freeview" for our TV as well but, sorry...
  17. billolga

    Finke desert race .

    The time trials held just out of Alice before the race was the best for me. I was there in 2015 for the 40th Anniversary & they had a race with all the winners they could muster (Some with there original Bikes) all "Racing" together. Half a Km before the finish they all stopped, gathered & all...
  18. billolga

    Tanami Track

    True, but it would have been fun when it was open.
  19. billolga

    Tanami Track

    Definitely no shot at you @dirvine . :) On the same trip we ran into two others in a hurry to cross the Tanami & all they had on board was a 1 ltr bottle of water & were going to pick up supplies along the way. Would have loved to have bean a fly on the wall at Rabit Flat.:oops::D
  20. billolga

    Tanami Track

    Short cut from Alice to Broome! Apparently there are a few "Interesting People" drive that road regularly - I ran into two from Broome who drive to Alice often as they "Win" a lot at the Casino. :cool: :rolleyes: