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  1. Mr Rum

    Snow overnighter

    All good, that’s how I took it. Sorry if I came across the wrong way. My grumpy old man tendencies must be showing.
  2. Mr Rum

    Snow overnighter

    Don’t worry, even us in NSW have to deal with subzero conditions. Even snow some times. Damn, even the outback has nights that dip below freezing. I just had to put it there, considering I’m potentially inviting people with absolutely no idea.
  3. Mr Rum

    New Mercedes Ute - Yes or No?

    I thought the current HiLux had an ugly dash, but this one just made me vomit in my mouth a little. Ew.
  4. Mr Rum

    Snow overnighter

    I know. It’s what stops me joining in so many trips. This year I decided to take life by the balls though, and just make the most of whatever time I get off. If it’s weekdays, so what, the other choice is staying home most of the year. Not interested in that any more. This year I’ve done so...
  5. Mr Rum

    Snow overnighter

    I don’t know if there are any others out there who are fortunate enough to have Tuesday/ Wednesday (21st/22nd August) off that would like to head out near Porepunkah. Probably doesn’t suit many, and it is short notice, but here’s what I’m planning.. It’s the same area I was shown a couple of...
  6. Mr Rum

    New Isuzu Concept Vehicles

    Yeah, my understanding it that Joe doesn’t have it either, so my assumption was obviously wrong.
  7. Mr Rum

    New Isuzu Concept Vehicles

    Being linked from Facebook, you probably need to be logged in on the device you’re trying to view it on. Not 100% sure, but seems to be the case. Same issue came up yesterday in a different thread.
  8. Mr Rum

    Laws in regards to recovery’s?

    These two screenshots should give you an idea then..
  9. Mr Rum

    Laws in regards to recovery’s?

    Can you see the video Roger posted? If so, the link above is just to the original Facebook post and comments.
  10. Mr Rum

    Easy Takata Airbag Recall Check

    Because the “they” you speak of won’t have access to the registered addresses of the vehicles. It (the page linked above) would be in essence be doing a revs check, and then comparing the vehicle make to a database of affected models.
  11. Mr Rum

    What should be the 1st 5 mods should I get?

    Depends on the vehicle I guess, and also what you want to do with it, but I’ll list the five mods I’ve found to be the most valuable to me. Under vehicle protection. Its current state tells it all. Rated recovery points. A must in my opinion. Decent tyres. Very helpful indeed. Upgraded...
  12. Mr Rum

    NSW Crew trip to the VIC Gathering 2018

    What, and miss out on one of the highlights of the trip. Twelve hours believing I would never drink again was a small price to pay.:D Not sure if I’m in for this one or not yet. Won’t know until the middle of next month at the earliest. Chances are I’ll be able to join in for at least some it...
  13. Mr Rum

    Turon Gates Weekender

    I wasn’t there myself, but my experience with Earth says that everyone would’ve worked together and made sure you got through safely.:)
  14. Mr Rum

    Sun rises or Sun sets

    Just after the sun ducked behind the dunes near the northern end of the Connie Sue Highway, WA..
  15. Mr Rum

    Post your night pics

    A night by the water at Loyalty Beach, Cape York, Qld..
  16. Mr Rum


    I wish I'd taken another photo to show the scale of this spider, as it was enormous! Might see if my parents got a different photo of it. If so, I'll share. [EDIT: They didn’t get any photos of it. For reference, its legs easily would’ve spanned an adult’s face...] We came across it on the...
  17. Mr Rum

    Portable gas cooker ??

    If it suits you, my vote goes to the Primus two burner. I still pack a cheap butane stove for those odd occasions when the Weber won’t do (don’t drink coffee, so I generally have no need to boil water), but this Primus stove is what I used to take everywhere (and still do take sometimes)...
  18. Mr Rum

    Turon Gates Weekender

    Love it. Still spewing I couldn’t join in. Sounds like a lot of fun was had.
  19. Mr Rum

    Portable gas cooker ??

    I’ve had issues with my cheapies on really cold mornings. Just need two canisters that you can swap over when/if the flow gets too restricted. I’ve had mornings where I’ve had to swap back and forth a few times, but it’s not something that’s happened often.
  20. Mr Rum

    Thumper Twin Air Compressor install

    Wouldn’t expect so. These compressors are supposed to have a higher output than my little ARB one, and it gets each of my 32” tyres from 8psi to 40psi in around 2m 45s. That’s 11 mintes for all four, plus the extra 30 seconds or so that it would run to fill my tank before I start on the tyres.