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    Germany and coal power

    Just been watching the news. They reported that Germany are burning through record amounts of coal to supply power at the moment. I thought they were leaders in renewables.
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    Converting your vehicle to electric

    Most of my vehicles are old classics. One in particular I don't drive far. It would be a perfect candidate for an EV conversion. I'd love to do it.
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    The Great National Park

    It's happening. The rules will be changing. No dogs. No free camping. No firewood collection. No chainsaws (even for track clearing). I'm told other states can expect this type of thing as well.
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    What do you reckon of this one, Matt?

    Being a Landrover man.
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    Disappearing waterfall - Victoria

    A friend asked me about a disappearing waterfall the other night. Asked if I had seen it. The waterfall disappears into a hole in the ground. No river. I've found one in America called "The Devil's Kettle". The one the friend is asking about is in Victoria. I seem to recollect, a number of years...
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    Broadford 4WD Mega Muster

    Who attended?
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    New suspension rules in NSW

    Any discusssion on this?