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    Maxtrax indeflate

    all i did was made a small 1m section of hose to connect my indeflate to the compressor , indeflate fits in the compressor bag, doesn't tangle with anything and if anything takes up less space than the hose that came with my compressor . Everyone does things differently, each way has its pros...
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    Maxtrax indeflate

    i love mine. I can get both sides to equalise to the same psi . Don't have to bend down to read pressure. No unscrewing/screwing the stem like a quick delfator .Quicker to inflate/deflate than others who do one wheel at a time . Most people who knock them are more than likely people who think...
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    Swag or stretcher tent?

    i have had a dirtydee 1400 for around 4-5 years. Downgrading to a 1100 so i can fit it on a stretcher . before that i had a stretcher tent and a proper canvas swag can't be beat for protection from the weather
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    WA itinerary suggestions

    no offence , we often feel the same away about the east coast . Over-hyped
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    Camper trailers - Which one to buy?

    another type to look at it something like mine. a stoney creek nugget . i have the hiview1800 darche rtt . Just over a tonne fully loaded . super quick to setup . But at the end of the day the decision is yours .
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    Landcruiser 300 Series

    maybe it was dusty bronze . It's a sorta cream colour
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    Solar blanket, Kings V Redarc

    i dunnow . my 200w kings blanket i chuck about in my CT has travelled really well . never missed a beat so for me it was a great $200 purchase . I will prob get a HK blanket as a backup but for my setup the 200W blanket keeps everything topped up. Redarc is all hype
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    there is nothing wrong with HT tyres on the sand. the less aggressive tread the better as long as the pressures are at the relevant pressures . I've driven on the beach in many cars with HT tread. You want to float on the sand not dig into it with an agressive tread
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    Is this the ultimate off-road camp kitchen?

    every aussie youtube channel has their "ultimate" dual cab norweld or mitsalloy setup.
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    Is this the ultimate off-road camp kitchen?

    two seconds of google there is your one example .
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    Is this the ultimate off-road camp kitchen?

    be cheaper to buy a rivian with induction cooktop than a bog standard 79 series
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    Landcruiser 300 Series

    cadogan is a flog
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    Bullbars ,steel or alloy ?

    if you are going to run a bullbar then steel is your only option. What's the point of a lightweight bullbar if it won't offer any decent impact protection. My new car i didn't bother with a bullbar and chucked all my lights and antennas on the roofrack and kept the lines clean at the front.
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    Pics of your 4wd in Beautiful Places

    i'm trying to figure out what part on the western side of elachbutting you took that photo , don't remember any spot you can pull up like that
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    Old Narloo Station - Easter 2021

    how hot was it karl , i was supposed to take my girls to gabyon but we pulled out at the last minute with 40 odd degrees forecast
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    Bremer Bay, WA

    I won't be going back to tozer's. charged a extra charge for easter bookings when he is the only staff member . when that place gets busy the toilets can't keep up so i resorted to using my chem shitter as we were out in the overflow. $40 a night for overflow paddock was a little steep imo
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    Best polish for pinstripes and scratches

    Y62 is also fantastic for this role as well . Pays to have one chump with a y62 or 200 series in the group
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    Bremer Bay, WA

    i reckon i would be up for a shitty tour, they look like alot of fun . Heading down to bremer tommorrow, well tozer's bush camp so looking forward to doing some exploring dfown there
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    How to save yourself a 50km walk.....carry a PLB in your vehicle

    i don't think bru thinks before posting anything on this site, all i see him post is incoherent dribble
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    Eagle Rock and Beyond - My take on Sharkcaver's Shitty Tag-a-long Tours

    thanks karl . we have a june trip planned starting in souther cross heading up to helena for a night and thenm heading to mt elvire and then head down and we were hoping to cut across from mt jackson to elachbutting and maybe have a night at eagle rock instead . thanks for the tips