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  1. ALUX

    Starter motor

    Hey Anyone got a trick to easily getting the starter motor out of an L series hilux? I'm struggling to get at it. Any help appreciated. A
  2. ALUX

    Newcastle - track attack 3 september

    Hey, So I recently got a new job and moved from Sydney to Newcastle. I'm keen to get out and go for a spin sometime. Anyone keen? I'm thinking in about August sometime. Medium grade. Just throwing the idea out there. Any good tracks nearby?
  3. ALUX

    RDO Wanderings

    Gday everyone. As its terrible weather this weekend I thought I'd share some photos from a recent trip I did for work to Groote Eylandt, NT. Im an ecologist for work and get to go to some pretty cool spots, sometimes a fair way off the map. Groote Eyland is about 1.5 hours flight from Darwin...
  4. ALUX

    Reverse cameras

    hi team, Looking to get a reverse camera for the ute to avoid backing over children etc. I'm after a system that either has a double din or rear view mirror screen. Want to keep the car tidy don't want any additional screens. iPads are a good idea for this but don't want to have it in the...
  5. ALUX

    Mickey Thompson atz p3

    yo, Need new tyres and thinking about the p3s. Anyone got em? Any good? Mate had the older ATzs and they went well for him.
  6. ALUX

    Darwin fishing charters

    hey, Wondering if anyone has gone on a fishing boat charter out of Darwin? I'll have a full rdo there on a work trip at the end of May. Anyone recommend any charters? Not keen on a bottom bouncing trip.
  7. ALUX

    Peek a boo...

  8. ALUX

    Newnes/mount walker quick weekend

    Hey all, Went for a quick spin on the weekend on the tracks around lithgow. Started over at the wombat holes at zig zag then down the powerline track, down beecroft trail, then over to mount walker area. Got some fun tracks. Super dusty and dry. Summit trail to mount walker is gnarly as usual so...
  9. ALUX

    Forster October long weekend

    Hey, Went camping with the family for the October long weekend. Planned on a bit of fishing but the outboard croaked on day 1 so spent time surfing or with family instead. Hit a few tracks whilst there including mcbrides beach. Also went to seal rocks for a few nights. Took a few photos along...
  10. ALUX

    Ourimbah sf

    Went for a spin through ourimbah sf on Sunday. Was a bit wet so kept it short. Had a bunch of fun. Photos below!
  11. ALUX

    Off-road boat trailer

    Hey, So I'm wondering what people have done to their boat trailers to make them off-road worthy. I own a 4m tinny with a 25hp and am wanting to take it further off-road and potentially back to the cape in the coming months/years. I'd like to be able to set up the trailer to tow anywhere I go...
  12. ALUX

    murray-sunset/border track/big desert long weekend trip

    Hi, thought i'd throw up a short report from the QB long weekend. two years ago I was talking to a mate from melbourne about meeting up for a boys longs weekend. we finally got the planets to align and we both got some time off to meet up on the long weekend. we decided on heading to the mallee...
  13. ALUX

    upgrade motor or upgrade rig?

    hey, i have come to a crossroad with my lux. need some opinions on what you would do in my position. thinking either turboing, or selling and upgrading. turbo: pros: cheaper option (~4k), keep existing car, no pain of selling, know service history cons: same old car, 240k km on clock...
  14. ALUX

    Border track in june

    Hey team, gonna hit the border track in June. How long will it take? What's good along the way? What else is good in the area? I'll have 3 full days over the long weekend to spend doing the border track, and nearby areas like wyperfield, murray sunset, ngarkat etc. anyone else going that way...
  15. ALUX

    Toyota Hilux LN167 double cab 2002

    Toyota Hilux LN167 double cab, 2002 Good Points vinyl floors reasonable on fuel great ground clearance double cab is great for the family and ute is great for the fishing/surfing/camping gear not too large either low range is really low. i never use low 1st ever really. Bad...
  16. ALUX

    After market turbos

    Hey Anyone got an aftermarket turbo? How's it go? Would you do it again? A
  17. ALUX

    Hilux Tail light issues - need auto elec help or paranormal expert

    Before I start, que x-files music... Model: 2002 5le hilux tub back. So, about two weeks ago I started having issues with my tail light. It seems wired in with my parking/dash lights. If I push the brake pedal, the dash lights, parking lights, and both filaments in the brake light bulb...
  18. ALUX

    Front diff up for rebuild. Should I lock it?

    Hey team 4x4, The hiluxs front diff is due for an overhaul, and whilst it's out I'm thinking about throwing in an auto locker. There's been heaps of interest on this site about the LOKKAs recently, and I'm wondering what people think I should do. In a dream land where money is no issue I'd go...
  19. ALUX

    Cape York July 2013

    Ok, So went for a bit of a drive in July, well about 8500km. In 2008 I got my first taste for offroading and touring on a trip to Cape York with my uncle and have been trying to find the time and funds to return ever since. This year I made it back and here is a quick summary of the trip...
  20. ALUX

    Cape York roads

    Yo, Just made it to the top and thought I'd put up road conditions for those traveling north this winter. Some roads are good. Some are rubbish. Development road: mostly good. Worst section is just north of coenzyme and it's as rough as roads get. Run into Weipa is a bit chopped up but...