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  1. deepop

    Anyone in Williamtown (Newcastle) want to lend/hire me a 6 seater for the day? Sunday 9/5/21?

    G'day all, Can't get a hire car for the day without waiting at the airport for hours for their office to open. Anyone know anybody that maybe works in car hire at the airport? Might come in early? Just a wild hope! Anybody?
  2. deepop

    Cape York - 2018

    Just 'cause there isn't a thread yet. Who's going this year? Plans? Dates/Times? I'll be doing it. Taking all the deepop's on a 2 month tour - no, not a 3 hour tour ( I expect we'll be back at some point, not the Gilligan version). 2 weeks at Goldy for the Comm. Games and (seeing we're...
  3. deepop

    What's Parramatta like?

    G'day all. I might find myself in Parramatta over the long weekend. Any ideas on where to stay, what to see. Stay in Parramatta or elsewhere? Anything nice nearby? There with the family if we go. Stay further away and drive to Parramatta each day? Ta in advance.
  4. deepop

    Bugger - guess who's winch didn't stop winding in?

    Bugger, bugger, bugger! Released the in button to have it keep winding until it pulled through the fairlead, bent the bar slightly, the number plate as well and then kept pulling the rope tighter and tighter until I got to the power cut off and killed power to the whole unit. I'd suggest a...
  5. deepop

    Cub forward fold

    Can everyone please go through the bad bits to good bits of this manufacturer and style. See link to new brochure. I think it would be perfect for me - and I am encouragable! With a bit of internal re-arranging it could work...
  6. deepop

    Triple (3 car) garage - Free to good home (conditions apply).

    See below ad on ebay for details. I'm trying to sell it but if no one buys it there it can be yours for free (or you can buy it on fleabay if you really want it). If it doesn't go the demolishers will crunch it into little bits. This hurts to lose it but the block must be cleared...
  7. deepop

    Beach or bush camping spot between Robe and Beachport

    G'day, heading down this way with the family shortly. Just wondering if anyone can give me a heads-up on a good beach/bush camping spot (fires allowed) somewhere in this area. Thinking to base camp for a couple of days and drive the area so somewhere in between? Can you collect firewood...
  8. deepop

    For sale - VIC - 1 x Kuhmo 205R16LT tyre

    Item Detail - Kuhmo Road Adventure AT 205R16LT off road tyre. It has nearly 8mm of tread and is in excellent condition. I recently found it in the garage again and decided to do something about it. It was built in the 29th week of 2012. I bought it in Birdsville to replace a...
  9. deepop

    Forward fold campers - do I really like them?

    Think I like the forward fold camper. Q bed - keep SWMBO happy. Room in body of trailer for two sets of bunks - keep 4 mini pops happy. Live outside for the rest. Sounds good to me. Who's got one? What's it like? Good and bad points? Who's researched one and decided not to...
  10. deepop

    Seat covers - what do you have/recommend?

    So, looking for seat covers for the front seats of the cruiser - kids can continue to suffer the indignities of leather. Notice the leather gets pretty hot and sweaty very easily - was thinking about sheepskin for this reason. Or is canvas better? Why? This came about because the...
  11. deepop

    Hey Vic - hot enough for ya?

    If it warms up any more I'm gonna have to take my jumper off! Maybe I'll put some shorts on?
  12. deepop

    Looking for a metal fabricator to do some work on my trailer

    G'day all, Does anyone know a metal fabricator or trailer manufacturer that can do some cut and shut work on my trailer. I have some steel lock boxes welded onto the sides of my trailer - see below. With the larger tyres (to match the cruiser) the guards will interfere with the tyres...
  13. deepop

    In-line fuse holder

    Righto all you electrical guru's, I believe I'm missing something important here. I bought some in-line blade fuse holders (the ones with the little red led light on them). Knowing all about this stuff I soldered it into the power supply line for an accessory cig. plug socket in the front...
  14. deepop

    Cowombat Flat - Head of the Murray River

    Okay, Anzac weekend this year Sschmez (Steve) and I took our finely tuned, lean and fit temples (and our Mt. bikes) on a second attempt to locate the head of the Murray River. We made it to the intersection of the Cobberas Trail and McFarlanes track on the Thursday where we were to begin this...
  15. deepop

    Free - natural gas upright stove and matching rangehood

    Just came out of my kitchen. All works (except one auto ignition burner). Probably do with a clean up. Matching rangehood works fine. Obviously pick up only.
  16. deepop

    Leaving your campfire - tips

    Okay, so this idea got a bit lost in another post and is quite topical at the moment. It's also hopefully going to prompt discussion on the best way to put out and leave you campfire. I'll start - here's a couple of points I've thought of. 1. Water (or a lot of time) is the only way you...
  17. deepop

    Accomodation in or near Sydney

    G'day all, I'm looking for somewhere nice (hotels/motels/resorts?) to stay with the family for a week in or near Sydney. Don't want to be too far from touristy places, throw kids on a ferry, Taronga Zoo sort of stuff. Non 4WDing week (keeping SWMBO happy) where you get a nice...
  18. deepop

    Jockey wheel install on oversize trailer

    So I have an enormous box trailer (at least I didn't say deck in a Kiwi accent) and felt the need to put a jockey wheel on it (don't ask why because I don't really know - yes I do, it was there). Due to the fact that it has 2 (obviously over-engineered) 70mm right angle section lengths of...
  19. deepop

    Drilling a hole in a length of right-angle steel

    G'day, I've got a cheap 5 x 4 on road box trailer (lucky me!). At the 4wd show amongst other little odds and ends I bought a new jockey wheel commensurate with (matching) the value of my trailer. The drawbar on this trailer is just two lengths of right angle (looks about 70mm). Now, my...
  20. deepop

    The cairn at the source of the Murray River!

    Ok, who's actually walked out to the cairn? How, where, when, why? I'd like to get out there but I found rocking horse s@#$t easier than finding any information on getting out there. Where to start from? Marked trail at all? Woeful info on what should be a target destination for...