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    Anne Beadell

    Hi Guys and Gals, I am planning an Anne Beadell trip for next April. One of the proposed party has ordered a brand new 79 series due for delivery Jan / Feb next year and does not want it scratched to buggery on first trip. For myself, I have done a few scratchy treks including CSR, SBJR...
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    Sandy Blight Junction Track

    Anyone been able to secure a permit to transit the Sandy Blight Junction Road this year. Looking at doing this next month (late May) but hitting not speed bumps but road blocks. Amazing that Tjukurla is 18 kilometres off the track and it is improbable anyone would need to go there (as Warakurna...
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    Coffee machines

    I love a decent cup of coffee, cannot stomach powdered coffee (I'm spoilt). Options as I see them are a 12 volt system or a 240 volt unit and buy a 2000 Watt invertor. Was thinking of a pod machine for a quick mess free easy solution. What do others do ??. My current method involves getting out...
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    Talawana Track update required

    After reading Mr. Rums amazing trip on the Talawana Track, I ask for any updates since May. Mr. Rum had to do a U-Turn (probably a 5 point turn) and retrace his steps after almost getting through then stopped by water. Would like to know if that track is dried out, best contact (other than here)...
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    G'Day from Cairns (another Newbie)

    Hi there fellow 4x4 enthusiasts. Great to find this site and signed up today as "Mini" although I don't drive one (used to though). Current wheels is a ML Triton Dual cab pretty well decked out by myself. Have done a few trips now and have everything down pretty good. Posted my first "Forum" on...
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    Canning Stock Route May 2017

    Hi there, Travelling partner(s) wanted for CSR trip in 8 weeks time. I am a 'Newbie' to this 4x4Earth site and it is looking good. I have been planning my CSR trip since late last year and now just waiting for the date to arrive. Leaving Cairns on Wed. 3rd May for Wiluna via the Plenty H'Way to...