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  1. barcher


    Yellow-tail black cockatoo getting insect larvae.
  2. barcher

    Recommendations for a quality100AH Deep Cycle AGM Battery

    Where abouts is the battery going to live? Under the bonnet or somewhere cooler. Been running a Full River behind the drivers seat and very happy with it. Early days though.
  3. barcher

    Who to vote for?

    Was away from home doing a house sit. Really enjoyed casting my vote today.
  4. barcher

    What music do you listen to?

    A couple of albums released this year that I'm enjoying. Elvis Costello..... The Boy Named If. Calexico.......IL Marador. Nice campfire tunes.
  5. barcher

    WA itinerary suggestions

    We really liked the Munja track in the Kimberley. Wilderness, not many people and good 4 wheel driving. If it's open to Walcott inlet you'll need about 6 days to do it. That might eat into your agenda a bit though.
  6. barcher

    What music do you listen to?

    This one is also a good driving tune.
  7. barcher

    Router/modem for caravan

    If you have an old phone you can put a sim in it. Then use it as a hotspot. If optus is your choice of carrier, Circles.Life have 120Gb for $28 a month first six months.
  8. barcher

    Jindabyne Day Trip Recommendations

    Charlotte's Pass and Guthega is a nice drive. Walking from Charlotte's Pass to Kosi, one of the best walks in Oz. Big day though. Chairlift from Thredbo to Top Station is good also. We're planning a camp trip to Gungarlin soon, so if you's want to go for a drive out there you can give us a trip...
  9. barcher

    Wonnangatta Couple from Drouin ??

    Is it possible the victims were incinerated at there camp site?
  10. barcher

    Jindabyne Day Trip Recommendations

    Heaps to do and see around Jindabyne. An off road trip of around 3 hours, I can't really think of one. Mount Pinnibar via Tom Groggin is a nice drive but it's more like 6 hours return. Have you been in that area before?
  11. barcher

    What music do you listen to?

    Who is the best living guitarist? Reckon Jeff Beck gets my vote. A unique style of no pick. This is his version of the Ellmore James classic Rollin' and Tumblin.
  12. barcher

    Getting the Challenger ready for the tracks.

    Looking good Aza
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    What music do you listen to?

    Jethro Tull started in 1967. Released a new album this year, The Zeatot Gene. 55 years on and still sounds very Jethro Tull ish. Ian Anderson doesn't have the punch he had. That's probably because he's on prescription drugs now.
  14. barcher

    christmas tree controversy

    Watched Outback Ringers last night. In the line of work and making a living its obvious some of our native trees have to be sacrificed.
  15. barcher

    What music do you listen to?

    B52's live back in 1978. About half an hours worth but it does kick off with Rock Lobster
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    Meet Our Moderators

    Might be time for an update.
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    tom grogin advice

    19th of December we had 71mm of rain here. All downstream now though.
  18. barcher

    tom grogin advice

    Been no rain here since 19 December. Water level at Biggara is 830mm. So probably not much more than knee deep at Tom Groggin. Haven't been on Pinnibar track this summer but it is open. Not much accurate info there, a bloke down the street went to Pinnibar recently and grizzled about a few...
  19. barcher

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Cheers Komang, enjoy.
  20. barcher

    tom grogin advice

    Alpine Way is open.