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    Camping in the Pilbara

    Cant go wrong with a Tojo.. Just wondering have you ever ventured out to Rudall River National Park cheers
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    Hercules recovery gear - any good?

    4wd Supercentre ah ok but dealing with webshop not people..They sent me rusted product which they said was worth $149 I researched same product and only $39 .So all their deals are inflated with bonuses. I suppose end of day depends on the product they are selling and off course they will source...
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    hoping to tap a quick bit of central australia local knowledge

    DRy biscuits are the go many to choose from,small tins if you by ya self, if you not like taste of water add few drops of lemon or lime juice and it helps you keep hydrated if you use more. I always have a cup of lemon juice in morning good for health too..Bananas also keep you hydrated and stop...
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    Air - Evolution Tents

    I have latest model. AT4 .Has new roof vent with mesh quite large.New better pump.Bit heavier than I thought.Very good strong pvc floor..Best thing about it is like a Tardis inside. My old tent was bigger but less room as such.Goes up quick lots and lots of tie down points and guide ropes.And...
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    Camping in the Pilbara

    My wife would love you , crabs and fish.I got no idea how to catch clean and cook sea creatures ..Nice setup you got..
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    List of Australia's Iconic Tracks & Places.....

    Wow brings back memories Epsilon Station.I was only 18 we helped blow up some rocks for their septic tank. Then it rained for 3 days it was amazing especially after people tell you how boring the desert is.No way! Then the wild flowers came out , that was when I fell in love with real Australia.
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    News.. Kimbereleys being mined and nuclear waste dump for Flinders Ranges!!

    Hi muffin man ,I thought a video on subject, but great stuff, as I have been told I look like Frank Zappa. Got a couple of his records stashed some where , life goes to quick, used to love cranking up the stereo, but now deaf ha ha ha
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    me too where ya goin?

    me too where ya goin?
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    News.. Kimbereleys being mined and nuclear waste dump for Flinders Ranges!!

    Dampier Peninsula some 60km west of Derby Point a Mineral sands mine at least 1km deep will be started 2017. And on Bandioota Station in Flinders Ranges maybe a Nuclear Waste Dump. On radio today it was announced that Liberal man apparently has a share in the land.
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    Tanami Road

    Interesting I have driven TT many times and find it a world of its own, like being on another planet.Lucky enough to gone of to some side tracks to see Giant dreaming cave near Yuedumu and then theres the fantastic area of Balgo Hills. Go see Lake Gregory its surreal.. Its all an adventure...
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    List of Australia's Iconic Tracks & Places.....

    Creb track is fantastic, I saw not a soul and the waterfall at end of track is spectacular. nice camp ground next to river.very easy when I did it hardest bit was finding the track starting point.. Gary Junction Rd NT., Talawana Track WA have not done them yet but maybe next month, they lead to...
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    Karlamilyi NP aka Rudall River

    Hi wondering if it worth the trip .Wanting to start Alice Springs end of Gary Junction Rd and end up at Karlamilyi N.P. I have about 1100kms fuel range. Hard finding a detailed map of tracks within the N.P. >W.A. P.W.S have map but only show a couple tracks. Thanks
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    Canopy for Hilux

    Looking for good canopy and how to stop dust and water getting in tailgate?
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    Toyota Hilux 2014

    hiya Coyote ,good name of bar in Thailand so my brother in law tells me, anyways , I have 4 year old son and did not think when buying my 2010 hilux , back seat is useless , not like cruiser can take a section out and use space.I tried getting a setup for seat and fridge space , but got told it...
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    Oz Tents 30 sec, RV4 ?? Anyone got one ??

    hey billolga good tent in heat how any windows does it have strong bucket floor and handle heavy wind and rain cheers
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    DUNE 4X4 Sturt tent

    woops not BCF sorry the other store..
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    DUNE 4X4 Sturt tent

    Thanks only problem not much info on the Sturt 4v tent,and when I went into store no one really bothered to help me !
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    DUNE 4X4 Sturt tent

    Thanks Lastly how long to set up , I am still tossing up on Cooper Tourer Tent quick set up but big heavy canvas , or the Sturt 4V light weight .I am 6ft tall is enough head room moving round also do windows doors have internal zips , come with poles for putting awning out if that is possible...
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    DUNE 4X4 Sturt tent

    hi whats it like now , is it good in hot weather,what about in very windy conditions and humid conditions ta
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    tigerzz11 new bullet tent

    hi I have been getting replies about tents from Chinese wholesalers , amazing how much they sell them for , most under 50 bucks, all brands , but catch you have to order 1000, but it goes to show how cheap they are to make. cheers