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    Mt Carrai - Kookaburra - Oxley Track

    I am reminiscing here but about 30yrs ago I went 4wding in an area called Mt Carrai west of Kempsey up towards the Oxley National Park. There were some huts that I think were forestry owned that we stayed in and then a track that went into the wilderness along some ridge lines. There was a...
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    Rodeo compression check

    Hi all I have a 2002 rodeo 2wd ute with the 2.2 petrol engine. I want to do a compression check and figure I have to disable the spark and fuel pump. How do I do this? Cheers. Stupid f Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Ned says Hi!

    Howdy Just saying hi. I live up the Tweed and drive a Prado generally full of kids. Have only just moved up to the Tweed from down south and looking forward to getting out and seeing the great countryside up this way. Cheers Ned