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    Nissan Patrol Alternator for GU 4.8

    I'd go with the aftermarket unit sold by Patrolapart. They tend to sell good quality gear (genuine or aftermarket).
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    Nissan Patrol GU3

    Old Patrol sold. giving me too much grief, plus rarely taking it off-road. Replaced by a Forester, which will much better suit me.
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    Will $100 polymer notes pass through my Labrador pup ??

    We had to take our lab to the vet a couple of months ago due to constipation. vet x-rayed him and found a bunch of sticks in his intestines:D fortunately he didn't need an operation, but still cost over $400 in vet fees.
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    Will $100 polymer notes pass through my Labrador pup ??

    Yeah mine has eaten everything from rocks, sticks, and pottery to cat turds. Hasn't eaten any money yet:p
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    TB42e Runs ok on LPG but poor on Petrol

    Re the poor running on petrol. Maybe get your injectors cleaned and checked. They tend to glaze over if not regularly run on petrol. The backfiring could be anything, but make sure your using the rite spark plugs for gas. The gas ones I think are a colder range (lpg plugs).
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    Best suspension for corrugations?

    Wow...a Fajero! Mike, maybe some shocks with adjustable remote reservoirs to help dissipate the heat? You may also need airbags if it's sagging in the bum loaded up? I remember my Pajero over corrugations the dash would bounce around like crazy. I found you'd need to pick up the speed so it...
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    Club 4x4 insurance new excess

    Yeah, mine has just gone from $950 to $1250. So not impressed. I'll be rethinking if I insure with this mob in the future.
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    The MY19 TRITON Packs a Serious Punch

    I actually like the look at the new one. I think they sit a bit higher too.
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    RIP COL, Mt Airly legend

    Very sad..RIP
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    Tyre size help

    285/70R17 is a 33" tyre (285mm wide) and the 35X12 5R17 is 35" (12.5" wide).
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    National Park camping between Brisbane and Sydney

    Grab yourself the WikiCamps app which has pics and reviews of campsites. Well worth the few bucks.
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    Swapping a Warn XD9000 from cable to synthetic rope?

    Probably best also getting a hawse fairlead to go with the rope. Synthetic rope doesn't go well with rollers.
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    Is Memory Map Dead?

    I got this email this morning if anyone's interested. Dear Customer, You may have heard a rumor or read on the web that Memory-Map has "suspended services". Please rest assured this is not true. The situation is, we have discontinued working with a certain re-seller, who is now putting out a...
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    15 inch rims on a 99 GU

    15s will fit no worries (only 4.8L Patrols with the larger brakes need 16" or higher). You can't run different offsets though.
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    What music do you listen to?

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    Winch Isolator (Runva 11xp)

    can you take a photo of what they wan to replace? sounds a bit strange to me.
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    Weekend in Brindabella NP.

    Really enjoyed the read, mate! Brindabella is definitely on my bucket list.
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    Is Memory Map Dead?

    Have you tried the US site, Wang? Go to this link: scroll to the region you want. I can see the NSW topo map...just click on info and it'll take you to the the udgrade link. I heard the Australian site will be up and running soon (don't know exactly).
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    Pics of your 4wd in Beautiful Places

    I hope you had your air vents closed!:D