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    The MU-X TYRE thread ! ...or DMAX ;-)

    OK Folks, just curious about what people are running, and weeding through the "technical" and other threads to try to find the posts on tyres is getting tyresome (boom-tish!). Soooo ... for those that have swapped out the OEM's for something new.... ON the standard 16 or 17 inch rims...
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    MU-X - problems, issue or complaints ?

    Hi, I'm in the market for a new 4x4, and trying to get a feel for how reliable and well built the MU-X is. A similar forum post (by someone else) on a Colorado forum resulted in a very concerning list of common issues, and lack of dealer engagement. I've not found anything similar on the...
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    greetings from sunny qld

    Hi there. New member, and occasional lurker. Currently driving a Jackaroo tank :-) ... She's due for a rest tho so on the hunt for an upgrade. Bumped into 4x4 earth where le reasearching vehicle options, so "hello!"