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  1. SuperSteve

    Century batteries - any good?

    So I'm looking to put a second battery under the bonnet of the Prado. All the gear was in place when we bought it, just not the battery. I was looking at Century batteries. The Overlander 4x4 or the N70t. I searched reviews and Century seem to get fairly poor reviews. But I'm also aware that...
  2. SuperSteve

    Alternative to drawers

    So I've been thinking about drawers for the 90 series. If I get anything it'll have to be the Kings, and from what I've been reading there's issues with the wings and getting them to fit. It's not a dedicated tourer, so I'm loathe to fully kit it out. I have no trouble accessing the fridge when...
  3. SuperSteve

    Deciding on seat covers

    I know there's been a few threads about this over the years, but none for a while and I didn't want to bring up a zombie thread. So we're currently in the process of ordering accessories for the 90 series. Dash mat, floor mats, etc. We definitely want some seat covers, and I would rather...
  4. SuperSteve

    Deciding on which tent RV-3 lite or... what?

    So we're getting ready to upgrade our tent. Currently we're using a little instant pop up tent, but we want something a bit roomier and more comfortable. I have long liked the oztents, and I've been leaning towards the RV-3 lite. Besides being a good deal cheaper than the canvas, it's lighter...
  5. SuperSteve

    2000 Prado TX turbo diesel manual

    At long last, we finally sold the wife's car and have bought our 4wd. We didn't get as much as much for it as we'd have liked, but in the end just wanted it sold, and second hand 4wd prices have doubled in the last year, so it's a fair bit older than we were hoping, but at some point you just...
  6. SuperSteve


    Hi all, Have browsed the forum a lot in the past, thought it was about time I joined the conversation. So currently I don't have a 4x4, but hoping to change that soon. Used to own an old 2 door Pathfinder, and kinda wish I still had it! I moved to the outback a few years ago, and there's...