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    new camping spit

    so gave my new homemade spit/firepit its maiden run on the weekend, works very well im pleased to say
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    cleaning out roof rack mount track on 100 series cruiser

    gday fellers, not sure what the correct term for it is but ive noticed a fair amount of debris in the track where the roof rack mount threads are located, how do people go about cleaning out that area ? do u just pop the plastic strip that runs the length of the roof, & what about where it runs...
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    snowy river advice

    g'day al, am looking for advice/pointers for a treck around the snowy river. deddick track looks like it could be a bit of fun, anyone been across the river at jacksons crossing or on campbell knob track ... cheers in advance
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    tom grogin advice

    hey all, am looking at doing a trip with my young bloke up to tom grogin from benambra via mt pinnibar in the next week or so, just after any general advice/info esp re track standard & esp crossing the murray at tom grogin ... thanks in anticipation
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    show us your dog(s)

    not sure if its already been done but here goes, seeing as here in vicco we cant post about trips we've just done or fish we've just caught hows about showing us a pic of your furry friend(s) out & about with you, I'll kick it off daughters dog enjoying my swag vic high country young blokes dog...
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    what projects u did/are doing during the social isolation

    so with so many of us staying home rather than getting out n about or working (i just cancelled a trip camping out of my tinny down south gippsland grrr), i thought it might be fun to post up what projects u have taken on as a result of this unexpected free time. personally ive just cleaned up &...
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    toyota fujitsu radio wiring

    have scored a pretty flash radio tuner which i'd like to put in my landcruiser to replace my old tape deck (yeah i know, dont know what im gunna do with my old tape collection, some real classic stuff in there). trouble is i just cant seem to find anywhere to buy the plugs & get the relevant pin...
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    sand fly repellant

    gday all, am heading down to manns beach in sth gippy for a bit of a fishing trip in feb, just wanting to know if anyone has a good sand fly repellant recipe ? remember a bloke i knew who had a van down port albert telling me about the "port albert perfume" all the locals down there swore by...
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    bringing wiring from roof mounted solar panel into rear of 100 series cruiser

    gday all. am in the process of putting an agm battery with a dcdc charger (for a fridge) in the back of my 100 series landcruiser (poverty pack). my question is - whats the best way to bring the solar panel wiring into the rear of my vehicle, my main concern is water ingress but also want as...