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    New MQ

    hi guys just bought a MQ exceed.. looking forward to doing it up a bit and head straight out on a track or 3
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    jack problems! whendoes it end

    hey there since buying my 98 diesel jack last January, ive spent almost 6k on repairs... bow I had issues with power then the engine light came on. took it back to mechanic and he said it looks like an injector but their diagnostic machine couldn't read anything because they don't have the...
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    jackaroo engine work

    well ive decided to pull the engine out and have a look inside, hopefully it is just a bent rod, busted rings etc.... and hopefully the oil that escaped was just a gasket. anyhow, went out on sunday and got me a nifty engine crane with the stand on it.... so ill keep it all posted on here on my...
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    cheap 3.2L

    hey is there anyone in perth who has a spare 3.2L isuzu engine?? havnt got much money but can afford up to about $400 for the donk. would consider buying a wrecked jackaroo... (1994 model) thanks guys....
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    well this sucks

    went out again yesterday arvo...:D was going steadily through a puddle and slipped into a deep rut... :eek:i dont have a snorkle.:rolleyes: so, water in (IN) the engine and the car dies. we had to get towed home and we tried to get it going. we took the spark plugs out (was very dark by...
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    Jackaroo alternator

    hey peeps, went out mudboggin in the recent (awesome) storm and killed my alternator.... is there any way of waterproofing it or protection plating etc... ??? i did fix it but i dont think that pulling it off every time i go through water is economical.... any positive feedback is very much...
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    D22 Rock sliders

    hey people, me n a mate are thinking of fabricating rock sliders (sidesteps) for Navara's... we have one already and its been tested and passed... we are Rockingham (perth) based and are just taking interest atm because arb and tjm dont supply them. i can get picks up soon,. they will be made...
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    Mundaring Big day out 21/3/10

    hey everyone im organising a trip for everyone who drives a holden 4x4.... meet up will be at 9am at KFC Mundaring.... then set off at 9;15 cos it takes a while to complete...
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    Mundaring day trip 21feb10

    hey everyone little short notice but im heading out with some mates to the mundaring to york track today.... if you are heading that way too keep an eye out for me (white jackeroo with pipzryd painted on the roof rack)
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    94 jackaroo sidesteps or long range fuel tank

    hey im after sidesteps for my 94 jack... and a long range fuel tank (petrol) that fits... i cant afford new cos i got some $$ problems... thanks..
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    Holden Jackaroo 3.2 petrol 1994

    Holden Jackaroo 3.2 petrol, 1994 Good Points picked it up for 3k, much more reliable than my last 2 cars... lol Bad Points loves fuel... lol 400-500k's per tank What mods have you done? made a rod holder from scratch, and a wind deflector for the roof rack What mods are...
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    hi there

    hi my name is phil, i live in rockingham WA and i drive a 94 jackaroo 3.2L. i am very keen on 4x4ing but haven't had much chance to do it because i never had one. i picked mine up for 3k with 5 spare rims and roof rack thrown in off a mate. since i got it i made a set of rod holders and a...