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    4JX1 to 4JX2 engine swap

    Hi, has anyone put a 4JX2 3.1 turbo diesel engine in a Jackaroo with a current 4JX1 turbo diesel engine. I know there is mention of swapping to the 2.8 turbo diesel but the 3.1 seams a better option.
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    Jackaroo mechanic Gold Coast

    Hi, someone once mentioned a great Jackaroo mechanic on the Gold Coast who was a wiz on the 3.0 turbo diesel engine. Does anyone remember his name please. Main problem is trying to change the oil pressure sender unit on the engine, cant get anything in the space to remove it. And there is an...
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    Holden Jackaroo 3.0 Turbo Diesel

    Hi, I am wondering if anyone has a workshop manual for a 2001 Jackaroo 3.0 turbo diesel. Or can help me with the following problem, ie what to look for. I drove from Sydney-Gold Coast yesterday and just as I pulled into my place I noticed a trail of oil behind me. My vehicle has sprung a major...
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    80 series landcruiser speedo problems

    Hi, can anyone "help" with a problem I am having wit the speedo on my 80 series. I have a 1Hz turbo diesel and the speedo works sometimes, like it will work for a couple of weeks and then just not work for weeks...occasionally it will jump or flicked for a second during the non working stage...
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    Dodgy speedo

    Hi everyone...I have an 80 series with a sometimes works sometimes doesn't speedo...does anyone know about these and what to look for? Its the electric type not the type with a speedo cable... Sometimes it works fine and then will not work at all, occasionally when not working it will flicker...
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    80 Series manual gearbox boot

    Hi, i'm looking for the rubber gearbox/transfer box rubber boot from inside the cabin. My one has split completely on the hi low shifter. Does anyone have a good one of these to sell? Regards Chris ph0410181746
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    Hi, I have done some 4wd before in Tassie and Vic. Us to own an amazing HJ47, still see it driving around Tassie sometimes when down there working. I live on the Gold Coast and joined this group as I am preparing a 80series Landcruiser for my in-laws to go travelling around Aus with a caravan...