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  1. underdog

    Suggestions? Bundaberg to Newcastle via Cameron Corner

    I'm looking at returning a well-known member's lovable mutt relatively soon, and seeing as he recently moved to Bundaberg I'm facing an 1100km road trip to get up there. I'll likely be beginning this trip at the start of the easter long weekend with an extension, totalling around 10 days, so I'm...
  2. underdog

    ARB owner/director Fred Black passed away?

    Was ringing up AutoX in Victoria about their long range poly replacement tanks and learnt that ARB have bought them out(?). So I called my local ARB store in Lambton and discovered they are closed today for the funeral of owner/director Fred Black? Had a look online and hadn't seen anything...
  3. underdog

    2011 Pajero NW (Round 2)

    Now that I've finally got myself another 4wd I can start the slow build process again. This one starts almost completely stock, but with the crappy factory bullbar and towbar. I bought it in Perth and drove the 4000+km home to Newcastle in less than 4days. 2011 Mitsubishi Pajero NW GL Auto 3.2L...
  4. underdog

    I'm back..

    So the short version of this story is that I wrote my pajero off on the 4x4Earth Cape York trip earlier in the year, and have basically been absent from the forum since. I don't currently have a 4wd, but will hopefully have one again by next Saturday. So hi, I'm back, and have thoroughly missed...
  5. underdog

    Current status of Stockton Beach?

    Not sure if I've been living under a rock or this is recent?? Either way I hadn't heard a thing about it :/
  6. underdog

    Mistubishi Pajero 2011

    Mistubishi Pajero, 2011 Good Points Will update when I pick it up this afternoon at 4pm haha But so far; - is a 4wd! - has low range - turbo diesel - huge boot space - FACTORY REAR DIFF LOCK ;) - bullbar - warn 12000lb winch - spotlights - cruise control - independent suspension means I...
  7. underdog

    Welder recommendations?

    I've finally bitten the bullet and bought myself a whole bunch of stuff to start doing my own fabrication at home and the only thing left to purchase is a welder. I was pretty set on purchasing a 120amp arc cheapy with an inverter, but the more I read up on welding (fyi I have zero experience or...
  8. underdog

    Unidentified starting issue. Help?

    So amongst a few of the gremlins my car has developed, the last few weeks it has been really struggling to start; So basically what happens is that I turn the key, the engine cranks, fires up (quite quickly now too) and then I let go of the key. Normally the engine would immediately start to...
  9. underdog

    For those who don't sleep much..

    Whether you're a shift worker or an insomniac; if you're wide awake into the wee hours of the morning, this is the thread for you..
  10. underdog

    EOI: Snow trip, July/August 2014?

    So I've been trying to get down to Kosciuszko National Park (mainly to try snowboarding), for about 6yrs now... came the closest to making it down there last year; bought all the gear etc before crap hit the fan for me like it always does. So this year I'm determined to make it, obviously being...
  11. underdog

    Ourimbah SF/Watagans SF overnighter

    Getting itchy feet and needing to get out, an exploration was organised in preparation for the large upcoming Watagans trip in April. So we started in Ourimbah SF, then making our way to a lookout that Roger(03hilux) wanted to mark on his map and then we explored a little after that. Eventually...
  12. underdog

    Squealing brakes.

    Ok so originally I thought it was the rear pads so I simply replaced them with Bendix 4WD, standard rotors were inspected and found to be fine (within spec). Squealing persisted however, so I bought a quality anti-squeal product, proceeded to generously coat the back of the brake pads, all of...
  13. underdog

    Nissan Xtrail 2008 Ti

    Good Points - Independent Suspension = an impressively comfortable ride in most conditions - Decent on fuel compared to most petrol 4WD's - A good size, not too big and not a pain the a$$ to park - Can fit into any and all undercover/underground carparks (the upside to sh!tty ground clearance)...
  14. underdog

    Hit me with your opinion...

    About to buy this... Respectfully, Ian.
  15. underdog

    Battery question; be gentle..

    Ok so my battery has been slowly on it's way out for the past 6 months and I've (quite lazily) been putting off getting a new one.. to the point where now it appears that it's life-force has begun to taper off quite quickly (died 3x in the past 3 weeks, ha) - thank god for owning a manual eh...
  16. underdog

    Chichester State Forest 18-19 January

    So the trip started with Jess and Heidi bailing on me late Friday night, but otherwise began when Shaun messaged me in the morning confirming that he would definitely be making the 12 midday meet-up at Gresford. I must say I had a bit of trouble packing the car as everything normally has a...
  17. underdog

    Gummi Falls 14-15 Jan (Barrington Tops)

    So I'm planning a relaxed overnighter in Chichester, camped somewhere near Ladies Well. We have found a good sized watering hole to jump in and cool off whenever the need arises and is not a popular spot so should be quiet. Currently the plan is Saturday lunch meet up in Gresford at 12 midday...
  18. underdog

    Maintenance priorities: what to do first and why?

    Ok, so I'm doing my annual 1500km round trip at Christmas to visit family and get away for a bit (Newcastle>Hastings Point>Toowoomba>Brisbane>Mullumbimby>Newcastle) And my car is now due for it's 120k service (fairly minor, so I'll be doing the service myself). I also plan on doing some extra...
  19. underdog

    Random newby gets recovered (not a great video)

    Was pretty keen to post this, as I happened across some complete newby who'd bought a Honda CRV today, having never gone offroad before deciding to take all 3 kids (10-17yrs old) for a spin in some local and currently muddy bush. Happens to be near where I go target shooting, and on the way out...
  20. underdog

    How were you affected by the forum's absence?

    Think of this as Forum Addicts Anonymous. Do you have a problem? Did the forum's temporary absence this morning adversely effect you in any way? Are you okay now? Do you need help? Do you even want help? I, personally, had withdrawals. I was sitting on a 4th storey balcony, trying desperately...