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  1. stevemc181

    Slow loading

    Why is the forum always so slow to load ? The new look is ok, but loading times are like I am on dial up. I have no problems with any other site but this one.
  2. stevemc181

    The Patrol Does Karrajini and Rudall River (Karlamilyi) NP WA

    The Paj is now retired from active trip duty and is Brenda's daily driver, so this trip was to be the Patrols first offroad adventure. I've just spent 4 hours cleaning Spinifex from the radiator after our adventures out to hanging Rock and managed to take a few patches of paint off the guards...
  3. stevemc181

    Bullbar Mounted Shower

    This is a project I've wanted to do for a while as I am over using the portable 12 volt camp showers and their pissy little pumps! Excuse the poor pics, but it's a shitty day outside and I'm working in an open carport. I've mounted an 11.4lpm Shurflow pump under the bonnet. This is in the spot...
  4. stevemc181

    Impressive Sand climb

    Found this on the Paj forum today. Bigger Kahuna's than me! Shame about the camera mans lack of ability though.
  5. stevemc181

    Club4x4 Insurance

    There has been some discussions on another thread regarding breakdown recoveries etc and even some fairly close to towns will have the local RAC refusing to attend. I thought I would start a separate thread related specifically to Club 4x4 Insurance. I am insured with Club4x4 who are getting...
  6. stevemc181

    Cocklebiddy-Israelite Bay WA

    I've already posted this trip over on the Paj Forum, so to save a lot of work, I'll do the copy and paste thing here. The Missus (Bren) and myself have just spent the past 7 days doing part of the Telegraph Line Track in WA. We started at the Cocklebiddy End and headed West. Cocklebiddy is...
  7. stevemc181

    Murchison House Station

    Rather than Hijack Mants's thread on his trip up to MHS, I thought I would. post mine in here. The missus (Bren) and myself, just spent the past 5 days up at Murchison house station. What an absolutely awesome place to spend some time! 350,000 acres of some very diverse country. Sand Tracks/Mud...
  8. stevemc181

    Pajero Wins Finke 2015 Production Class

    Pajero win once again in production class! Driven by Geoff Pickering for his 12th Production class win in a Pajero! Ahead of the FJ Cruiser, Nissans (DNF) and Jeep (DNF) :)
  9. stevemc181

    Editing posts on ipad

    I've noticed when I post a message using my iPad, that there doesn't seem to be a way to go back and edit my post, for typos etc. Am I missing something here? I can't see an edit button anywhere?
  10. stevemc181

    Steep Pt to Byron Bay and home the long way round.

    I arrived home a few days ago from an Epic adventure, traversing from Perth to Steep Pt and completing a Western Most point to Eastern most point crossing via the Anne Beadell, Lamberts Centre and the Simpson Desert. Returning home via the Vic highlands and Nullarbor etc. I've posted this report...
  11. stevemc181

    Mechanic Woes

    My NW Pajero was due for its 45,000 km service and I thought I'd give the local mechanics from a well know chain a go. This service is basically an oil change and the usual checks. Dealers cost was $650 for fixed price service and the local bloke was $400 for log book service. Well a few...
  12. stevemc181

    Runva Clutch Dissasembly

    I was having an issue with my Runva 11XP winch with the clutch becoming harder and harder to move between free spool and engaged. This winch has only been used once on an easy pull, although it has been subjected to some water crossings. Rather than gin around with warranty claims etc, I decided...
  13. stevemc181

    Fridge Temp controller

    I bought a couple of Engel Eclipse fridges a while back at a price I couldn't pass up. One thing that has always annoyed me is the dial style temp control. As most would know, it's just a dial that you set from 1- 5 and it doesn't actually tell you what temperature it is being set at. While...
  14. stevemc181

    Julimar Conservation Park WA

    Went wheeling today at Julimar Conservation Park near Perth, with around 15 vehicles in total, mostly a mixture of Pajeros with a couple of Landcruisers and a Colorado thrown in for good measure. The first track we tackled was pretty easy going, but anytime there is a large group, things are...
  15. stevemc181

    NW Pajero Drawers

    I made these up a while ago and thought I'd post my build thread here now they are complete. I had never welded before and spotted an old Mig welder on Gumtree for $75 so thought why not have a crack! I spent a couple of hours burning holes through steel until I got a reasonable idea...
  16. stevemc181

    NW Pajero Water Tank

    I finally got around to installing a custom made water tank in the rear seat well of my NW Pajero. The tank is made by Abber tanks out of food grade Poly and holds around 70 litres. I had a few ideas about the filling and drain point, but wasn't quite sure what I what would end up with. I...
  17. stevemc181

    Mitsubishi NW Activ 2012

    Mitsubishi NW Activ, 2012 Good Points Comfortable daily driver Super Select Transmission is awesome Good power for a small diesel Great Fuel economy Very capable offroad, best vehicle I've driven in soft sand. Factory rear diff lock is great Traction Control system works well...
  18. stevemc181

    G'day from WA!

    Hi all, Been a long time lurker here, thought Id finally hit the sign up button! 2012 NW Pajero, lots of goodies fitted. Look forward to being a contributor here. Cheers, Steve