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    Will my fridge dual zone run for 5 days on Freeze and fridge?

    Well, if I hadn't seen it for myself I would say no way. But I've had my National Luna 90l dual fridge running on a 3YO 100 AH Lead Crystal battery for 5 days so far, and it looks like it could go a bit more before the battery is to 50%. The freezer is set to -9 degrees and the fridge set for 1...
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    New generation of LED lights - anyone got one?

    I've never been a fan of LED Driving lights or bars. I think they would be great for close up tracks or tight roads but think they are not very good for normal roads at 80 - 100kmph. Even the 'spot' LED' lights throw a wide cone pattern that puts too much light up close, making distant vision...
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    What is the perfect touring tent without roof transporting?

    I'm on the search for a new tent - something that is super easy to set up and tear down. The Oztents ticks every box except one. The packed up size and shape. I have a 200 and I don't want to put anything on the roof for a few reasons. I have looked closely at the Oztent and just can't see it...
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    Davies Plain, Tom Groggin Track, Kings Plain track and the Poplars.

    I see on Parkweb that Davies Plain Track is closed north of the hut, and the bottom steep section of Tom Groggin track is in poor condition. Has anyone been around this area including the Poplars etc this season? I am thinking of a trip in January, going into the Poplars on Limestone Creek...
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    How many GPS' do you take on a trip.

    I was counting the number of GPS that I take on a trip. Of course, there is the GPS in the car, but that is useless for off-road work, so I have a GPS computer that feeds into the car's screen running Memory Maps. Actually, I set that up with 2 x USB mouse GPS in case 1 fails. But I also have...
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    Has anyone tried these 4" HID

    I am pretty happy with the LED headlight output of my 200. It has a very good spread and reach. I have resisted getting driving lights but have a long country trip coming up and am thinking of getting driving lights again. Maybe I just miss them....I definitely don't want LED driving lights or a...
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    Is there any downside to getting a Fortuner?

    My neighbour is looking to get a Prado but has a budget of 50K. He is tossing up between a GXL 2.8 or an older VX 3.0. Everything I have read says go the 2.8 ( except the DPF issue). He wants to tow a camper and not interested in serious off road stuff. But on the way we looked at a Fortuner...
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    That was Close!!!

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    Snatching from towbar.

    We all know not to snatch from a towball right? And lots of people advocate towing from the tow bar, for example using the tow pin or a recovery tow hitch. Like the pictures below. But the snatch straps are rated at 8000kg or 11000kg, and there are lots of 4wd stress tests on these in the...
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    iKAMPER - stupid name, looks great.

    I'm a bit anal about set up and tear down times, when touring and on the move, I want some luxury plus ease of set up / tear down I've had or have one or more of everything. Everything has it's advantages and disadvantages. Southern Cross tent - easy to set up and tear down but bulky and heavy...
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    DO 35 v3 vs AL-KO 'Click Lock' hitch

    Lets see if I can get more sensible replies here than on EO:rolleyes: I have an original design D035 V1. It's great but it does get stuck with dust. I see there is a new DO 35 V3. But there is a AlKO click lock which looks great, maybe better. Has anyone looked into comparing these properly...
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    Did you hear the one about how a Landrover set fire to 1400 vehicles?

    Well we've heard about the Rangers catching fire, and the Prado DPF fires on grass but you have to hand it to Land Rover, they never do things is halves. A Land Rover parked in a UK car park exploded, set fire to its self, 1400 other cars and the whole car park. WOW...
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    Snorkel Head

    I have a Safari (3.5") snorkel with the normal ram head and want some extra dust protection for the outback. I was considering a Unifilter style sock or a Spinner style prefilter. Does anyone know if the spinner ones really do collect dust, and is the Donaldson one better than the ebay ones...
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    GPS logger

    I'm looking for a hard wired GPS logger that I can use to automatically capture GPX / KML logs for 4wding. I currently do this with my phone and manually copy the files to my PC using Memory Map's Android app. I want to get away from a phone app so it's on all the time. Ideally it would log the...
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    Ebay 12v wireless winch remotes.

    I have a new Runva winch which came with a wireless remote control. It looks to be the same as those ebay wireless remotes. My question is has anyone bought extra remote controls for spares / 2 people use? I asked Runva and they said that won't work. Surely there is a pairing method.
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    Self inflating mattress in Swag

    How many people have replaced the foam matress in their swag with a self inflating mattress? I like taking my swag but it's really bulky. I'd prefer not to put it on the roof for some longer trips. Does it work doing this? Will I save much space?
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    Telstra $10 per month plan in Sat phone. Warning.

    I thought I would pass on a recent experience with my Telstra $10 per month SIM in the sat phone. I have been using it for many years without issue and just pay the $10 per month when I'm not using it. As many users of this will know, most Telstra staff are not aware of how it works at all...
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    What do people use drag chains for?

    Back in the old days I had a drag chain which I used as an extension for my Tirfor ( such bad memories LOL). I see a lot of recovery kits still have drag chains in them. What do people use them for? They seem like another heavy useless 'old world' accessory in the same category as Hi Lifts to me.
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    2nd CB - Another, another GME ICOM, Uniden thread.

    My current CB is great an has some nice features I won't give up, but its getting old and scanning speeds have improved lately. Getting around to scanning all 80 channels takes some time. For that reason, and to talk around a convoy to tail end charlie or the trip leader, I want a second UHF...
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    Whatever happened to Mudmap?

    Mudmap was flavor of the month here and on lots of other forums a few years ago. Tons of thread on it and Mudmap was an active poster. All's quiet on the western front. I know they pi$$ed a lot of people off for dumping old users every time a new version came out and they somehow seemed to...