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  1. Jackolux

    Battery Charging correctly

    Ok I have moved this question to a new thread , what about the different charging voltages for batteries the only way would be with a DC-DC for in vehicle charging, does it really matter . My Dmax shows 14.2 / 14.4V on the ScanGauge when driving . I still have the std starting battery under...
  2. Jackolux

    Donnellys Ck - Morning Star Tk

    Has anyone else seen the photo's on Face Book of the blokes winching up onto Donnellys Tk from Morning Star .
  3. Jackolux

    Dmax CV

    Managed to break a CV yesterday, I was very surprised how easily it broke , are DMax CV's known to be a problem . I will be looking to get a non genuine CV any idea where the best place to get one , is it possible to get a stronger one A mate and I were having a great day 4wheelin until a loud...
  4. Jackolux

    Dmax again

    Bloody hell , I hate buying bloody motor vehicles . I very nearly bought a BT50 got what seems like a really good price . But I have been searching the web and there is just to many owners out there that are not happy . I want a auto trans but that is one thing the owners are complaining...
  5. Jackolux

    Bull Bar Weight

    I'm thinking of buying a new 4x4 and want to know the weight of the accessories Probably get a ARB GVM upgrade and asked the weight of a Winch Bar , Apparently it's a big secret they won't even tell their dealers , so I'm told , if that's true is complete BS Jacko
  6. Jackolux

    Dmax diff lock

    I'm considering buying a new Dmax LS-U Space Cab , auto . The young salesman I was talking to today said they had a rear Diff Lock , can't see a Diff Lock mentioned anywhere on the spec sheet he gave me . So I guess he is mistaken, is that right . Anyone fitted cross axle lockers to...
  7. Jackolux

    Aberfeldy / Donnellys Ck

    G'day All , what the go with the tracks in that area are they all still closed ? Regards Jacko
  8. Jackolux

    Blue Rag Range

    Anyone been to Blue Rag since the fires , I have been told the DSE have done a heap of work on the track , taken the top of the Trig and joined it up to another track , is this true or just one of those rumors Thanks regards Jacko
  9. Jackolux

    North of Thomson Dam

    Is there any access North of the Dam , I don't mean the Donnellys , but further North / North West .
  10. Jackolux

    Nunniong Plains - Limestone Caves

    I have been told about some Limestone Caves in the Nunniong area , I cant find any info , dose anyone know if they exist or where they are Regards Jacko
  11. Jackolux


    I bought one of these Sat Phones last year , I thought it was a pretty good prepaid deal , 100 units of calls cost $78 and 2 years before the unused time expires Just received a email today and yep they have increased all charges new prices 100 Units 180 Days $ 111.00...
  12. Jackolux

    VMS Touring 700HD

    G'Day , Im new here posted in the New Members section only a couple of days ago and a few posted a few photos in the photography section I bought a VMS 700HD at the Caravan / Camping show in Melb a couple of weeks ago so far Im not very impressed , the maps seem out of date , there are...
  13. Jackolux

    A few of my Photos

    Im new here just logged into the Intro Thread , said I was into photography and Tweaked Offroad said he would like to see some of my photos , so now ya know who to blame Some of you will be familiar with these places Donnelly Creek - Aberfeldy area Simpson trip last year
  14. Jackolux

    G'Day all

    Jacko here , Im in Warragul West Gippsland ,Vic I have been driving around the bush for 30+ years , yeah Im an old fart , The wife and I + mates get out camping a fair bit now days , Aberfeldy area is really our back yard , so we know it quite well Drive a 06 Hilux D4D , set up for Bush...