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  1. Big Matt

    Things to put in your First Aid Kit

    Some items have a used by date and should be replaced in a first aid kit, most people I know of most likely don't even check for used by dates, I know I didn't until I dated a nurse for 12 months LOL
  2. Big Matt

    Patrol - King Shockies - External Compression Adjusters

    Just heard from him, pm me your details and he will get in tough with you, ill send you his details as well just in case Cheers
  3. Big Matt

    Patrol - King Shockies - External Compression Adjusters

    For sure mate, ill shoot his detail through for you
  4. Big Matt

    Patrol - King Shockies - External Compression Adjusters

    A mate has some in his truck and its awesome, its made more difference in ride than i would ever have thought, he sells them as well so he has tested the hell out of them LOL
  5. Big Matt

    Oxygen Thieves

    I made a light cage for a mate a few years ago that made it impossible to get the lights out without cutting the cage off (impossible for him as well) the cage was welded on after the lights were fitted. You could still adjust them with the cage on but that was about it, even required cutting...
  6. Big Matt

    gq patrol coolant issues

    Id get an after market temp gauge while your at it, the factory ones are far from accurate and have a small operating range
  7. Big Matt

    where can i get hercules trail digger m/t's?

    What size did ya get and how much ? PM me if ya like
  8. Big Matt

    Talbotville Rollovers

    Ya right Mans, Wayne is a top bloke, and yeah i think it is the werribee 4wd club Ill keep ya posted on how he goes
  9. Big Matt

    Talbotville Rollovers

    It's a mate of mine (and close family friend) who owns that patrol, and yes was dust and glare related. I havnt spoken to him, i got the info from my mother who spoke to him this morning Its funny, ive seen a few comments questioning driving ability and so on, but this is a guy who is in his...
  10. Big Matt

    Urgent HELP needed, im well bogged, central coast nsw

    Free beers for the rest of the year I recon, good job
  11. Big Matt

    anyone going bush this weekend

    Na body swapping a few patrols, extra cab onto petrol chassis, wagon onto diesel, all that sort of gear, then turbo onto diesel, swap the lockers in, GU diff in the front and 37's, going to be a busy few months LOL
  12. Big Matt

    anyone going bush this weekend

    Im ripping stuff off my Patrol this weekend hopefully so ill be off the tracks for a little while :-(
  13. Big Matt

    Recommended Chainsaw !!!

    hot chain saw show down - YouTube
  14. Big Matt

    Recommended Chainsaw !!!

    Just mount it on the bar and drive at stuff
  15. Big Matt

    35 X 11.5 X 16 Silverstone Xtremes - Vic

    Item Detail - 4 only 35 X 11.5 X 16 Silverstone Xtremes Condition - Brand new, never been on rims, let alone a car Price -$1200 Location - Warby / Bayswater / Pakenham (depends what you want to pick them up from Contact Details - 0417 135 125 Postage Details - Pick up
  16. Big Matt

    Toyota BJ71 (SWB) 1989

    Na 13b-t is a much better motor than the commo v6
  17. Big Matt

    Puncture Repair

    What kits do you use mate ?
  18. Big Matt

    Which Tyre... please help.

    And learn to put tubes in as well
  19. Big Matt

    R.I.P Jim Stynes

    *Quote* Jim Stynes died on Tuesay the 20th of March at 8.20am. Jim was pain-free, dignified and peaceful. Matisse and Tiernan were present. Not surprisingly, in his last week of life Jim continued to defy the odds and lived his life to the fullest attending the Melbourne vs. Hawthorn football...
  20. Big Matt

    New Speed Camera

    I love the coppers LOL