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  1. PAJ

    High country tracks week after cup day

    Hey guys, me and some of my mates are doing the high country in the week after cup day. Looking for some good tracks, smallest 4b going to be on 33's with twin lockers. Any suggestions? Want to base at pineapple flats for a couple of days and also do blue rag, not sure if we want to go down the...
  2. PAJ

    Tuff Truck 2012

    Anyone going? I will be there supporting Team Nav AND drinking AndyJims Beers beqcause the PAJ will make it :p Team Nav | TTC2012 | Tuff Truck Challenge
  3. PAJ

    Mitisubishi Pajero 1993

    SAS'd Mitisubishi Pajero 1993 Mitisubishi Pajero, 1993 Good Points See below pictures Bad Points What mods have you done? The Pajero now runs Jeep diffs after the Solid Axel Swap, 35" Pro Comp muddies, front Air locker, rear Detroit Auto locker, 2.85 transfer gears...